I fully support comments of brother Zubair. Jamaat is showing no interest for the enforcement of Sharia in Pakistan.
Hussain Khan, M. A. Tokyo
From: Zubair bin Umar Siddiqui [mailto:zbusiddiqui@hotmail.com]
Sent: Subject: Jamaat on Pk situation/Reminder to 12 undisclosed contacts in BCC.
All resolutions are good but there is no mention of the implementation of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in letter and spirit particularly  it's Islamic injunctions with special emphasis so that those who demand enforcement of 'shariah' may feel good and for concentrated efforts towards  abolition of 'interest based economy'
There is surprisingly no mention of Islami Nizam also in the press release and bringing decency and bringing Islamic moral values in electronic media and curbing the Indian 'entertainment' news which are extremely based on obscenity.So is there no mention of nudity in advertisements and promotion material   on almost all TV channels.
Zubair bin Umer.
Chicago.June  3.2014.

LAHORE, June 2: The Jamaat e Islami has resolved not to be a party to any unconstitutional, undemocratic adventure and has also urged all state institutions to fully respect their limits and avoid the path of confrontation. 

            The JI central executive at its meeting chaired by JI Ameer, Sirajul Haq,   expressed deep concern over the operation in Waziristan and said it would multiply the problems of the tribal people besides increasing the chances of US and India’s interference in the area through Afghanistan. 

A resolution adopted by the executive stressed upon the government to immediately end the deadlock in the talks and intensify efforts for restoring peace all over the country. It said that the migration of the Waziristan people to Afghanistan because of the operation was a mater of deep concern. 

            Criticizing the Protection of Pakistan Ordinance (PPO) as an instrument to deny the rights granted under the constitution, the JI central body said the PPO was an attempt to legalize state terrorism, a clear violation of the Objectives Resolution, the basic principles of the 1973 constitution and all human rights charters. It expressed the apprehension that instead of curbing terrorism, this black law would add to the menace. The executive said that instead of enacting new laws to curb terrorism, the government should ensure strict implementation on the existing laws. 

            The JI executive deplored Prime Minister’s avoiding meeting with the Tehrik e Hurryat Conference leaders during his New Delhi visit. It said that the Premier’s ignoring the issues of Kashmir, river waters and Sia Chen on such an occasion,  and failure to present evidence of RAW’s involvement in terrorism in the country in response to the Indian Premier’s allegations, was a pointn fo deep concern and most unfortunate.    

            The resolution however warned that Islamabad’s bid to give NDMA status to India for trade without resolving Kashmir and other issues would only be advancing India’s agenda ignoring national interests. 

            The JI executive condemned treason trials in Bangladesh against those  sacrificing for the united Pakistan and termed it violation the tripartite agreement on this score. It slated Islamabad’s silence over the issue and called upon the rulers to make every effort to stop Bangladesh regime from human rights violations. 

            The resolution also deplored the government’s failure to provide any relief to the masses during its first year rule.