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 Analysis of A Pistol Shot Incident At A Pakistan Minister
By: Hussain Khan, Tokyo
Who is responsible for the regrettable attack on Ahsan Iqbal, the Interior Minister of Pakistan? Pistol bullet was taken out of his belly after immediate surgery and his life is now out of danger. But why he was shot at by a desperate young man? It was not for any pecuniary gain. The attacker has no remorse. Even under arrest, he believes, he has done morally and spiritually a rightful thing. It is called religious extremism in the West. However, in a way, it appears that directly or indirectly, the responsibility lies with the victim himself and with the Nawaz Sharif, guru of the ruling Party, Muslim League (N),  'conversion' from 'Islam' to 'Liberalism'.
Nawaz Sharif has himself called this attack a natural consequence of distributing one thousand Rupees each to all participants of Faizabad protest sit-in in Islamabad city for dispersing them and for using it as their expenses to go back home. On the one hand he is blaming Army for the distribution of such money, and on the other, he is condemning the encouragement given to Tehreek-e-Labbaik, a religious organization that had started this protest sit-in, by this gesture. He is right in pinpointing the origin of this attack being a follower of TLP. A staunch follower of TLP has admitted that he fired on Ahsan Iqbal. Why those one thousand Rupees did not appease the assailment, Abid Hussai, to remain calm and quiet lying comfortably and enjoying his peaceful life in his little village home? Was he aspiring for a vast sum of money? What motivated him to go out with a pistol in his pocket to ML (N) gathering to fire at our innocent, harmless, Aristotle-like, Interior Minister? We will try to seek answers to these questions. The background of this tragic and unfortunate incident and its analysis may also help Western mind to understand and appreciate sensitivities of a Muslim mind and culture.
Nawaz is criticizing Army because that he and his Interior Minister wanted Army to suppress Faizabad sit-in. They had not desired Army to become a partner in any peaceful resolution of protesters' grievances. Peaceful resolution of this conflict means undoing his government policy to keep the culprit of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat {i.e. Sanctity of Faith Article about Finality of Prophethood of Mohammad (PBUH)} criminal hidden from the public eye and unpunished.
But it is such a sensitive issue that the Muslims who believe in Khatm-e-Nabuwwat will not rest in peace until the culprit is exposed, widely publicized and publicly punished by some Court for playing with a basic article of faith of all Muslims. It is an unpardonable crime both in this world and in the Hereafter according to the teachings and actions of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). A lollipop of one thousand rupees will not calm them down. They went back home, not because of money they had received from Army. They trusted Ahsan Iqbal as a responsible Interior Minister of the country. He had signed an Agreement with their leaders to accept their demands and the Army had guaranteed its implementation.
But as a matter of fact,  in reality, it was a different scenario. Ahsan Iqbal had invited Army to restore order, as all over Pakistan demonstrations and protests had erupted spontaneously, homes of ruling Muslim League (N) MNAs were ransacked in various cities in Punjab. It was all beyond the control of Police. Punjab Police attempts to disperse the Faizabad protest sit-in had an opposite effect. It resulted in further spreading of this wildfire to almost all cities, towns and villages of our country. Faced with this escalation dilemma and failure, the Interior Minister called for Army to control and suppress it somehow.
Army came in but it refused to shoot at its own countrymen. Nawaz regards it a failure of Army policy to resolve the matter by sweet talk instead of bullets. He wanted people to forget all about it as the legislation was restored as it was existing earlier and the Law Minister, Zaid Hamid was sacked. In their view, they had closed the chapter. They thought further agitation for this issue was unjustified. The miscreants of TLP should be punished. But Army intervened to appease them instead of punishing. That is why Nawaz is openly criticizing this appeasement policy of the Army and is pointing it out as the main cause of this attack. In other words, according to Nawaz, Army is responsible for this attack.
However, it remains to be seen why these peaceful negotiations failed later? Why again TLP had to start a second protest sit-in at Data Darbar, Lahore? Due to Army refusal to shoot, the signing of Faizabad Agreement by Ahsan Iqbal appears as if he was under duress to sign it or as if he had no other option. He signed it only to calm the anger of protesters for the time being, with no intention to ever implement it. Ahsan Iqbal, following the wishes of his guru, Nawaz Sharif, made no attempt to implement it, as he had no intention to do so from the very beginning. In his view, it was equal to surrendering government writ by bowing before the demands of the demonstrators. Therefore, he just kept his silence and inaction as usual.
This attitude of AI instigated TLP to start a new and second protest sit-in at Data Darbar with the same demands. They were duped in with a fake Agreement during their first sit-in at Faizabad.. This dilly-dallying of Ahsan Iqbal and his inaction on their Agreement made them more furious than before. As this second sit-in again started to spread in other districts of Punjab and was going to erupt again all over the country, Government again hurriedly made a fake promise to implement the Faizabad Agreement. TLP again trusted it and wound up its second protest sit-in.
Again the same question arises. After this second promise, has Government moved rapidly to implement this Agreement? No, not at all. One major demand of the protesters was to publish Report of Raja Zafrul Haq, Chairman of the same ruling Party to which our Interior Minister, AI, belongs. Protesters believed if this Report of the ruling Party is published the real culprit behind all legal changes concerning Khatme-e-Nabuwwat will be exposed. But that is what Government want to hide. Therefore it has not been published at all until today.
Despite two protest sit-ins in Islamabad and Lahore, if Ahsan Iqbal continues playing tricks, with his same inaction, just making false promises and doing nothing, protesters' anger and frustration will then move to which direction? Democratic and peaceful protests have resulted in just false promises and inaction. On such a sensitive issue, if you push protestors to the corner of such a frustrating and precarious situation, then what option remains with them? If peaceful efforts for justice always fail again and again, then human nature instigates a man to turn to violence.
As all our countryman are already aware, it is not an ordinary grievance such as to raise salary or just to meet any other such pecuniary demand, It has been an extremely sensitive issue in our history, especially since 1953 clashes and killings of Qadianis in Lahore unstill they were declared a non-Muslim minority in our Islamic Constitution.. General (R) Amjad Shaikh has reported in a recent TV Talk Show regarding the attack on Ahsan Iqbal that never in our history Army had to bring tanks on roads to quell riots and to stop killings. He further enlightened that 5 Brigadiers of Army had retired when they were ordered to fire on their own countrymen, who were demonstrating for Khatm-e-Nabuwwat and demanding to declare Qadianis as a minority. Peace prevailed when their demand was accepted in our Constitution.
Those five Brigadiers had acted on the same policy as our Army acted on it its policy of refusal to fire on Faizabad demonstrators despite the displeasure of Nawaz Sharif and his Interior Minister, Ahsan Iqbal.  During the last 50 years or more, there were no riots, disturbances or demonstrations on this issue. Peace was prevailing in our country. Similarly, if a major demand of protesters would have been met by publishing the Raja Zafrullah Report, no Abid Hussain would have emerged and come out of his home with a pistol in his pocket to kill the person who, he thought, was betraying the cause of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat by his inaction and false promises.
Even in the history of pre-Partition India, we find the killing of a Hindu writer of a book, 'Rangeela Rasul' by Alamdin of Lahore. Such an extra-judicial killing of a Hindu was endorsed both by our great leaders like Quad-e-Azam, Mohammad Ali Jnaah (RA) and Allama Iqbal (RA). Unfortunately our Faith has deteriorated so much within a century and our values have degenerated  so much that the 'Liberals' in our country will call Alamdin a 'terrorist' and his extra-judicial killing as an act of 'terrorism'. They are calling extra-judicial killing of a blasphemer, Salman Taseer, by Shaheed Mumtaz Quadri also an act of 'terrorism'..
In the recent history of Europe and Japan, such extra-judicial killings of blasphemers occurred and no Alim or Islamic scholar condemned them. Salman Rushdi is still hiding under the Police custody of British Government. All Sunni and Shia Ulama have also unanimously endorsed Imam Khomeini Fatwa for extra-judicial killing of Rushdi, if available to any Muslim anywhere. These killings were carried out by the so-called 'terrorist' Muslims against the writers of blasphemous books or humiliating cartoons of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). 
Fortunately, these acts of so-called 'terrorism' have resulted in success. Since the times these acts were committed, no one is now daring in India, Europe and Japan to blaspheme our Prophet (PBUH). All the populations in these countries, rather in the whole world have turned to be 'good boys' out of fear of so-called 'terrorism' by the Muslims and have become reluctant to blaspheme our beloved Prophet (PBUH).
Throughout the entire history of Muslims since First Jihad by our first Caliph Abu Baker Siddiiq (RATU) against the first false claimant of Prophethood or Nabuwwat, Abu Muslema Kazzab such killings are carried out as a sacred act by Muslims. Imam Ibn-e-Taimiya has written a book enumerating stories of all such false claimants of Nabuwwat in our early history.
Gen. (R) Amjad Sheikh and Rauf Klasra have clarified in the videos below as to how Ahsan Iqbal was himself responsible for instigating attack on himself by flouting the Agreement on such an extremely sensitive issue in our history and in the history of Muslims all over the world since the birth of Islamic religion. He carelessly disregarded the Agreement, which he had concluded and signed himself with Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan and did not ever care to fulfill at least the foremost and major demand of TLP to publish Raja Zafrul Haq Report until today.
Allah has blessed him with a new life to reflect on his policy of trying to cover up the real culprit who ordered to Law Minister to make legal changes in our Electoral Law and delete condition of Khatm-e-Nabwwat oath to please the West and put up a Show of his being a 'LIBERAL'. 
Had Ahsan Iqbal mother, a pious lady and Rukn, Jamaat-e-Islami, been alive, she would have reprimanded him for selling his faith for the pleasure of Nawaz Sharif and remind him of a Hadith, which somewhat means that a person should not destroy his own Akhira and buy displeasure of Allah for the pleasure and favor of someone else in this world.
Nawaz Sharif conversion from 'Islam' to 'Liberalism' is evident by his order to hang Shaheed Mumtaz Quadri, who had killed Salman Taseer for his blasphemous statements. Peoples Party, which is known as a 'Liberal' Party, did not try to impose its 'Liberalism' on Muslims opposed to such 'Liberalism'. It did not dare to implement Court order to hang the murderer of its own Punjab Governor to avoid Khatm-e-Nabuwwat controversy despite a Court decision to hang Quadri.  
Chaudhry Nisar was also wondering on the change of Nawaz Sharif ideology in a recent Press Conference. He appears to have blamed Nawaz Sharif that he has thrown away Muslim Leage ideology of 'Islam' and adopted anti-Pakistan, pro-Afghanistan, anti-FATA Reforms ideology of Mahmood Khan Achakzai, maybe in addition to saying bye-bye to hitherto ML ideology of 'Islam'.
However, Nawaz Sharif 'conversion' to the ideology of 'Liberalism' has resulted in an attack on a staunch defender of his so-called ideology, who is none other than his own appointed Interior Minister, Ahsan Iqbal.
Kind Regards,
Hussain Khan, M. A., Tokyo
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