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 An article, as quoted below, by a secularist like Nazir Naji proves my thesis that even in Pakistan, the Secularist groups are marching towards their ultimate and eternal death as a political force. They are also languishing in almost all major Muslim countries.

During the 2nd World War almost entire Muslim world was victim of Western imperialism except Turkey and Iran. Before the 2nd World, several godless ideologies were fighting with each other for their domination in the world. There were four contestants for supremacy, Italian Fascism of Benito Mussolini, German Nazism of Adolf Hitler, Russian Communism of Joseph Stalin and the Western democracy of Europe and America. The last two survived and gained supremacy over the first two. This victory in 1945 came after the death and destruction of millions of homes and human beings. Then started the contest between the last two. It ultimately resulted in the breaking of the Berlin Wall between East and West Germany in 1989, re-unification of Germany in 1990 and then the ultimate defeat and evaporation of Communism in 1991 presided over by Michael Gorbachev.

It is not that only godless Fascism and Nazism have vanished from the map of the world. We have an example of the ultimate failure of a long-survivng Secular ideology like Communism. It had even become a political force in the world after 1917, when Lenin was successful in bringing about Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Thereafter, Communism established itself in several countries of the world until 1991. Then it met its own death after 74 years in the same country where it was born as a political force. It had changed the ideological map and the political horizon of the world after bringing a lot of disaster and destruction of a great part of humanity. It brought death and inhuman sufferings to millions of people in all parts of the world. Maulana Maudoodi had also predicted it about half a century ago that Communism will be buried in its own birth place in Moscow being a godless Secular ideology.

When Muslim countries started to get independence, the leaders of the liberation movements or the dominating leaders after the liberation were almost all Secularists except Quaid-e-Azam, Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Pakistan. But all the later governments in Pakistan either were Secularists themselves or under the influence of Secular civil and military bureaucrats.  After the fall of Khawaja Nazimuddin almost all Pakistani governments followed Seualrism. Military dictators like  Gen. Ayub Khan initiated Secularism first very strongly. He amended the Shariah Law and promulgated Family Laws Ordinance based on Western secular concepts.  It was a Martial Law Ordinance against the Orders of Allah and His Prophet (PBUH).  Openly defying God and His Prophet (PBUH), he made it a LAW that 2nd wife cannot be taken without the permission of the 1st wife. This was the first open defiance in a Muslim State which came into existance in the name of establishing Islam and its Shariah in it.

And then another military General, Yahya Khan, further consolidated Secularism. He forcibly annexed Swat state and abrogated 110- year old Shariah Laws over there. This Secular action gave birth to the Taliban movement there, which is still flourishing despite its military suppression and killings of many innocents citizens in the name of eradicating Taliban under the American pressure to kill its own citizens instead of negotiating peace with them during the five long years of pro-American Secular PPP governemnt.

Similar will be the ultimate end of another godless ideology, Secularism, especailly in the Muslim world. Muslims have a counter ideology to face it everywhere. Recent developments in the Muslim world demonstrate that Muslims all over the world are waking up from their slumber. They are struggling hard with great sacrifices to defeat this godless menace of Secularism and shunning away such leaders and political figures.

Observe the fate of Secularism in the Muslim world in recent events. Change of leadership in Muslim countries as a result of Arab Spring is one proof of my thesis. In Egypt, Tunisia and Palestine etc. Secularists have been replaced by the Islamists through the ELECTION PROCESS. Running away of King Reza Shah Pahlawi of Iran and arrival of Imam Khomeini on Tehran airport from Paris among the millions of his supporters welcoming his arrival with the hope of an anti-Secular New Era of Islamism was a miraculous event like the French Revolution for bringing about a fundamental change in the governance of a Muslim country like Iran. It was also the beginning of and a first sign and signal of the initiation of a trend of demise of Secularism in the Muslim world.

Then a great change occurred in Turkey. The first great and apparently strong edifice of Secularism built with the use of blind and brute military force and oppression of all religious elements by Mustafa Kamal Ataturk since his demolishing of a 600-year old  Ottoman Empire's Khilafat institution in 1924 was brought down after over 70 years by the continous victory of Islamists in Turkey elections three times. This is again what Maulana Moudoodi had been always preaching and pleading that democracy and elections are the only and best means of bringing Islamism to a dominating position in the Muslim world.

Why Secularism cannot succeed in the Muslim world?

Max weber claims that Protestant ethics were responsible for the economic development and progress of Europe and America. This thesis is contested by several other scholars.  But the fact remains that some sort of ethics is necssary for each nation to acheive progress and development. Japan attributes its progress to its code of ethics known as 'Yamatodamashi'. Chinese trace their progress to Confucian ethics, and so on. 

In case of Muslims, strong Faith in God and His Fear are said to be the basic factors for the formation of Islamic ethics. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was successful in changing the life-style of the Arab Bedouins and made them leaders of the entire civilized world for over 12 centuries by inculcating in them the basics of Islamic ethics.

Now take the case of Secular Muslims. They neither follow Protestant ethics of the West, nor the Confucian ethics of the Chinese, nor the Yamatodamashi ethics of the Japanese, and, of course, nor even the Islamic ethics. The result is that they become 'Economic Animals', a term Bhutto had coined for the Japanese of 1960s. Therefore, we see rampant CORRUPTION in all those countries, wherever Secularists had been in power.  In the beginning, people get attracted to them due to their pious nationalist slogans and vote them into power ensthusiastically. But as these leaders, being Secular in their Thought process, do not have that strong Faith nor the that Fear of God that could restrict them from all-out corruption. In Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine, Indonesia, Pakistan and other Muslim countries all secular leaders have been ousted, mostly through ELECTION PROCESS, due to their CORRUPTION.

In addition to Corruption, a lot of other factors spring up to bring about the downfall of all such Secular leaders in the Muslim world. They are usually out of tune with the pulse of the masses of their own country. Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, Shah of Iran, Reza Shah Pahlavi, Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Pervaiz Musharraf and all such Secularists disregard Islamic injunctions, which is the core of a Muslim nation. Even if all the Muslims are not good practising ones, but their VALUES have not changed. Their standards of Good and Evil and of Respect and Hatred are formed on the basis of Islamic Values. They respect religious scholars and Ulama, even if they are themselves non-practising Muslims. Similarly, as a recent survey in Pakistan has revealed that 84% of them want Shariah. But these Secularists don't care for, nor bother about the Islamic sentiments of the masses of their own countries. While Ataturk abolished Khilafat in Turkey, Muslims in India started Khilafat moveemnt under the leadership of Islamists, not Secularists, like Maulana Mohammd Ali Jouher and Maulana Shaukat Ali. When Shah of Iran tried to Westernize Iran, all Ayatullahs came out of their Imambadas to mobilize people against it. When Ayub Khan promulgated Family Laws, everywhere in East an West Pakistan Friday sermons were delivered against him. Taliban started their movement for the restoration of Shariah laws in Swat after Yaha Khan had abrogated 110-year old Shariah Laws over there.

In Muslim countries, despite being non-practising, the Muslims have their attachment with Islam. But the Secular leaders shun away from it in favor of adopting Western VALUES and abandon Islamic VALUES. It creates tension and struggle against each other between the rulers an the ruled. Whenever the ruled ones get an opportunity of free and fair elections, such Secularists are ousted from power. We have sobserved this phenomenon in the results of elections all over the Muslim world, be it in Iran or in Turkey, or in Egypt or in Tunisia or in Palestine or in Pakistan. These are a few examples to validate the trend against the Secularists in the Muslim world.

A Comparison of Youth in the West with the ones in the Muslim world?

In Japan, Europe and America, older generation is lamenting on the ethics of Youth of the new generation. In all advanced countries of the West, the stadards of ethics which made them progress economically are falling rapidly. Older generation is not hopeful that their countries will be able to maintain their level of progress and standards of living as before.

But the Youth in the developing coutries and especially in the Muslim countries are working hard to catch up with the standards of living in the West. They are making untiring efforts to adopt all those ethics which would make them successful in thier individual lives.

In case of Muslim countries, Islamists are working harder than others to excel in this individual competition for advancement in life with the help of Almighty. In Egypt, more than half of Ikhwan members of the parliament have PHD degrees and more than half of them are also Hafiz-e-Quran. Individual calibre of Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba adherents in Pakistan colleges and universities has always been higher than thier other class-fellows. It is all because of their Islamic ethics based on Faith in and Fear of God.

Most of the persons attracted to Imran Khan slogans of Justice and Islam are Youth all over Pakistan. it is a very positive and hopeful sign for the Islamic future of Pakistan. This phenomenon also points out to the fact that in future the growth of Secualrists will be withering away. Imran Khan is the ideal in which our Youth finds solace and comfort.

It is a different youth than what we had inherited soon after 2nd World War in an atmosphere of inferiority complex of Europe's progress. Today's Europe and America is in tatters with growing unemployment, poverty, crime, disintegration of family life, and wit the increase of nervous tension and stress under the burden of materialism all around. Our Islamist youth gets solace, comfort an satisfaction with their Faith in God and in their continous struggle for the advanceement with the help and mercy of God.

Gloomy Scenario of Pakistan Secularists

A non-Muslim DAWN columnist, Cowasji, used to eulogize the Secularism of Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf and used to call him as a Pakistani Ataturk. Most of Musharraf youth was spent in Turkey where he was brought up as a staunch stalwart of Secularism. He implemented it in Pakistan by abrogating Hudood Laws of President Ziaul Haq after 29 years of their implementation without any protest movement in Pakistan except by a small section of Westernized Secular ladies of Burger families, who wanted unrestricted freedom for sex.

Despite supportig President Zia for Afghan Jihad, annual reports of State Department of USA have termed the era of Presidet Zia as the worst period of religious intolerance in Pakistan history. It was becase he promulgated Hudood Laws and enforced them during his tenure of government and made some humble efforts to Islamize Pakistan in accordance with its Muslim name, Islamic Republic and its Islamic Constitution.

But Gen. Musharraf abrogated these Islamic laws and his Secularism led him to killings of innocents students of Lall Mosque against the advice of his own appointed Lall Masjid negotiaters, Chaudhry Shujaat and Aijazul Haq. As a wrath of God, he is now in Jail facing several cases including some for the crime of TREASON, and now the tables have turned against him. Now again, the victim of his wrath, a non-Secularist Nawaz Sharif is again Prime Minster to preside over his fate through Judiciary.

Awami National Party was already a dying force. It will remain a great paradox of the provincial history of KPK that ANP was given a Lease of 5-year life by Jamaat-e-Islami unintentionally by its mistake of boycott and non-participation in previous elections in Pakistan. This result should also be an eye-opener for, 'what I would call as, 'Pacifist' sympathizers and fault-finders of Jamaat-e-Islami. Otherwise, it was already on its death-bed during the previous elections after which JI emerged as a ruling Party in a coalition with JUI. JI Deputy Chief Ministr of that era, who is again Senior Minister of coalition government in KPK now, came to Japan once. He admitted to me that it was a mistake that JI decided not to participate in previous national elections 5 years ago. As a result of JI silence, a Secular force was given life and was saved from its early death. Anyhow, again it is going back into oblivion as the fate of other Secular forces is also their ultimate death gradually.

In a Parliamentary Committee of our country, all these three ruling Secular Parties, PPP, MQM and ANP, had once unanimously tried to take out the world 'Islamic' from our country's Constitutional name, 'Islamic Republic of Pakistan'.  But somehow they failed in their attempt. Man proposes but God disposes. All such evil attempts by Secularists have been foiled by Allah. The Almighty is listening and positively responding to the earnest prayers of millions of Muslims in Pakistan who find themselves helpless politically but are earnestly praying for Pakistan to march towards becoming an ideal Islamic State.

In addition to ANP march towards its death-bed again,  Secular columnist Nazir Naji is now himself predicting the demise of PPP for ever, as I had been emphasizing it in my earlier mails that PPP and MQM will also vanish in the long run.

Let me quote from one of my previous mails:

"When I came to Japan in 60s, there was a strong Opposition Party here in the name of Socialist Party of

Japan. Even it once became a governing Party and had its own Prime Minister, Maruyama. But after the demise of Communism in Russia and China adopting a part of secular Capitalism by allowing private property, free eterprise and other Capitalist policies, this Party also lost its ideological base in Japan.  As a result, today there is not a single member of this Party in any Legislature nor in any Municipality. It has vanished totally.

I am foreseeing same future for People’s Party. They do not have any more dynamic, charismatic leaders like Bhutto or Benazir.

Zardari and Bilawal cannot stop defections of their Electables and supporters all over Sindh. It is already no more in

Punjab. During the next Elections, you will see it cannot maintain its present strength even in Sindh Assembly. Its

popularity and support have already starting dwindling like that of MQM. Therefore, I totally disagree with your and

with Munawwar Hasan’s assessment, “One question about the reaction of masses  and not rejecting those who have

 been ruling them ruthlessly for years.. “ 

As Munawwar Hasan has quoted Maulana Maududi that even if we fail ten times in winning elections,

we should not abandon this PROCESS OF CHANGE.  Pre-Partition JI did not adopt this PROCESS OF

CHANGE.  Nor Dr. Israr Ahmad THOUGHT and his deviation from this PROCESS  brought any appreciable

results for his strategy.  In his speeches on YouTube, you can see his pessimism about the Islamic future of

Pakistan. Despite all failures and inherent weaknesses of this PROCESS, no Islamic movement in the world

can bring about any change through any other method.  

 This is also the answer to militancy. If Shariah, elections and democracy are allowed in Swat and

Waziristan areas, there will be no more militancy over there. During the brief period of about one month,

when Zardari Administration made an Agreement with the militants, Sufi Mohammad was celebrating

victory of Shariah in Swat in large jubilant processions. His son-in-law, leader of Taliban in that area

stopped all his militancy.  Let us hope for a prosperous Islamic future of Pakistan under the dominating

control of rightist, non-Secular  Parties like ML(N), PTI and JI.  I hope and pray that these non-Secular Parties continue to dominate the political scenario in Pakistan not only for the next 20 to 30 years, but for the entire future for several centuries.

In Malaysia, same Islam-oriented Party is ruling over about 30 years.

MQM has realized its dwindling popularity prompting Altaf Hussain to radically reform his Party. Any party without a strong ideology cannot survive on ONE-MAN show. It is too late to succeed in Reform attempts. Downward trend of MQM cannot be reversed any more. It will further disintegrate to near zero level after the death of Altaf Hussain."


Hussain Khan, Tokyo



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