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Mohtram Kamal Bhai  Salaam
Your writings are brilliant, informative but too long for my poor eye sight. It does not permit me to read long.. It takes time'. I could't finish it as yet.  Hence delayed. Your credentials are very impressive. May Allah bless you with more ILM and RIZQ. 
West is not going to tolerate ISIS in any way as they all are die-hard enemy of Islam  They cannot digest it at all. 
So, we should divert our attention over the issue as how to organize the Muslim Ummah as "Ummatun Wasatan" to take the eladership of this world. Only then this world may listen to us not before that era emerges. We have to work for that howsoever it may be hard and difficullt. Allah will pave our way to that goal
Please continue to sharing your writes-up as they are always knowlwdgable
Shukrun wa Jazakallh
Shamim Siddiqi
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Assalamu alaikum, 
Please find my new article. 
Firoz Mahboob Kamal 
Anti-Khilafa Coalition & the Unending War 
Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal 
The writer: Born and received early education in Bangladesh, graduated in medicine from King Edward College, Lahore, Pakistan; received Masters in Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA & post-graduate Diploma in Dermatology from University of London; worked as a physician in Pakistan, Iran & Bangladesh; researcher in social sciences and presented research papers at international conferences of IUSSP (International Union of Scientific Studies of Population) at Beijing in 1997 and in Brazil in 1998; writes articles, newspaper columns  &  books in Bengali and English on social, political, cultural, educational and international issues. 
The coalition of killers 
The disease of imperialism survives and thrives only on invasion, occupation and plundering of other countries. Brutal suppression, ethnic cleansing and genocidal killing are the tools that give it prolonged sustenance. Hence, finding a new ground for an invasive war is its survival necessity. The Indians, red Indians, Africans, Australian aborigines, Latin Americans and the Maoris of New Zealand have been the worst victims of the disease for centuries. The colonial empires have died, but imperialism as a disease still survives. Hence it drives the USA more than seven thousands miles away from its seashore to Iraq and Afghanistan to feed its imperialistic appetite. President Mr Barack Hussein Obama’s election pledge for ending the war in Iraq and Afghanistan turned nonsense; it has proved mere farcical bluff. The Western nations that killed more than 70 million people in two World Wars and massacred several millions more in their wars of occupation in Algeria, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and other third world countries found a new agenda to forge a new alliance for further invasion, occupation, killing and plundering. This time, the agenda is destruction of the newly formed Islamic caliphate and killing the Islamists. Since Islam and the Islamists are not confined in Iraq and Syria, rather spread all over the world, the war turns global and looks unending.  
The Islamists of Iraq and Syria didn’t attack any Western country. But to justify their war against the Islamists and Islamic khilafa, the imperialists have a new set of arguments. Firstly, they reject Islam’s core beliefs and institutions with hateful disapproval. They labelled khilafa and sharia as medieval barbarity; called it anti-women, anti-education, anti-human rights; and announced unfit to have a place in the modern world. Such a toxic idea against Islam’s fundamental institutions itself is enough to be a good recipe for a perpetual bloody war against the Islamists. These arrogant imperialists not only define what is fit or unfit for the modern world, but also define Islam and muslimness of the Muslims. Recently, the British Prime Minister Mr David Cameron labelled the Islamists as monster, and denied calling them as Muslim. Such inflammatory speech adds more fuel to the exiting flame of hatred against the imperialists. Freedom, human rights, right of self-determination and the liberation war against the colonial occupation were never welcome to these imperialists; rather always labelled as terrorism. They don’t like to see the Muslims as full Muslims; rather wish them slip away from Islam’s core values and teachings. They don’t hide their strong dislike against the full practice of the Qur’anic Islam –as practised by the prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) and his great companions. Islam and muslimness must fit into their own frame of definition and their wish-list. Hence, recent revival of khilafa –Islam’s most important political infrastructure and the establishment of sharia are labelled as great crime punishable only by an invasive war and death. So it faces the united wrath of the imperialists.   
Consensus against Islam 
The countries like the USA, Russia, China, India, France, the UK, German, Canada, Australia and other kuffar countries have long quarrels on many issues. (Note: Throughout the holy Qur’an, Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala used the word “kuffar” to describe the deniers of Islam; therefore what can be the best sunnah and most rewarding than following the sunnah of Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala). But they have a perfect consensus on one issue: they are not ready to tolerate emergence of Islam as an alternative way of life. They are not ready to accept the revival of caliphate either. In the club of global powers, they are deeply against giving any space for the Muslims. From its very inception, the imperialists have established the full occupation of the UN’s decision making club –the Security Council. Hence 55 million British could get a permanent seat in the UN Security Council, but more than 1300 million Muslims are denied any access! They claim the full political ownership of the whole world: the Muslims are not allowed to have any say even on their own religious affairs like sharia and khilafa. They also have a consensus to sustain the status quo. In such a milieu of imperialistic occupation, the USA finds no difficulty in getting the coalition partners in its war against the Islamists and the revival of caliphate. In recent NATO summit at Newport in the UK, the US, the UK, France, German, Italy, Canada, Australia, Poland and Denmark have already declared their readiness to join the coalition. Such convergence of the imperialistic agenda of these partners made the US warlords more arrogant and aggressive. Hence while chairing a meeting of these ten countries, John Kerry –the US Secretary of State told, “It may take a year, it may take two years, it may take three years, but we are determined.”  And on 10/09/14, the US President Barak Hussain Obama described Islamic State a cancer and vowed to destroy it. He also announced that the jihadists will not find any safe haven in any part of the world. He told that Islamic State is a threat to the Americans and their ally. He argued, if Islamic State survives, the USA can’t be a safe haven for its own citizens.  
However the USA understands its own weakness. Fighting against Islamists will not be an easy job for the Westerners, therefore looks for partners from the Muslim countries. In search of the partners, the US Secretary of State Mr John Kerry has already started a campaign in the Muslim World. He visited Saudi Arabia on 11/09/14 and met leaders of the Arab gulf countries. In a press conference in Jeddah, John Kerry told, Islamic State fighters are barbaric terrorist and they should not be allowed to survive. He argued that Arab states should take the key role in the war. Ten Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Qatar have declared their willingness to support the US war against Islamic caliphate. These countries find this war against khilafa as their own war of survival. They fully understand that if the khelafa survives, they have to quickly disappear. These Arab rulers can’t stand on their own feet: fully dependent on the USA for their own survival. Therefore, how can they help the USA in its war against Islamists? However they can be used as deceitful camouflage on the body of kuffar coalition to deceive the Muslims. 
The globalisation of terror: Is it the beginning of World War III?  
War itself is a great terror. Such terror gets quickly globalised if a world power like the USA gets involved. The USA did it before in World War I and II; now repeats it again in its crusade against the Islamists. It can easily turn this war into World War III. As a result of its vile campaign, the White House now claims that 37 countries from Albania to the UK have pledged to join the US in its war against the Islamists and the revival of khilafa. It is no more hidden that interfering in internal affairs of other countries is the essence of the US foreign policy. They live about more than 7 thousand miles away from Iraq and Syria. The US doesn’t want any safe haven for the Islamists even in a Muslim country; but wants the whole world as a safe haven for its own citizens. The imperialists have their own set of definition for terrorism, barbarity and inhumanity. According to them, even killings of millions of civilian people in two World Wars by the Allied Forces or dropping atomic bombs are not barbaric. The killings in Algeria, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq are not barbaric either: rather lauded as Western endeavours to teach democratic values to the people of Third World countries.    
Wolf doesn’t kill or condemn another wolf. They are the partners in the same crime. Likewise, the USA never condemns the barbarity of Israelis and other war criminals. Similarly, the gang of thugs ruling the Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain and many others didn’t condemn the Israeli atrocities either. In its recent war in Gaza, Israel killed more than 2 thousand civilians and injured more than 10 thousands. The Israeli war planes destroyed thousands of houses, shops and offices. None of the Western governments asked the Israeli government to stop such massacres. On the contrary, Israel received full moral, political and military support from the US and its ally. Due to such support, the UN couldn’t pass a single resolution denouncing Israeli atrocities. Neither did they condemn the Egyptian army’s recent killings of civilians and barbaric suppression of the basic human rights. Rather, the USA and other imperialists are recruiting the same brutal killers as the partners in their war against Islamists. Mr John Kerry –the US Secretary of State told during his recent visit in the Middle East that Egypt will play a key role in the coalition. President Bashar al-Assad has killed more than two hundred thousand people in Syria and caused catastrophic devastation in that country. Instead of taking any action against such a pathological killer, the coalition of the imperialist killers is now knocking his door to beg his partnership against the Islamic State.  
Patronising the terrorists & demonising the Islamists   
The greatest loss of human life and the worst brutality in history didn’t happen by the wild animals or by the gangs of street thugs. Such crimes were always committed by the state terrorists. The Muslims of Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are the worst victim of such terrorism. During the years between 1992 and 1995, the most brutal genocide took place in the backyard of the West. It was in Bosnia Herzegovina. More than 2 hundred thousand Bosnian Muslims were slaughtered; more than 20 thousands women and girls were raped. Their houses and shops were burnt down. The USA, the UK, France and other NATO countries had the capacity to quickly stop such genocide, rape and destruction. They didn’t do anything; rather the helpless Muslims were left amid the Serb wolfs. No US plane or drone was seen in the Bosnian sky. No western leader made any tour to mobilise world leaders against such genocide. Rather, many mercenaries from the UK, France, Greece and other Western countries were allowed to join the Serb and the Croat terrorists to kill the Bosnian Muslims -as many Jews from the US and Europe joined Israel’s recent war of genocide in Gaza.  
Even many of the Westerners took part in the genocide of the Bosnian Muslims as UN peace keepers. More than 8 thousands helpless Bosnian Muslims who took shelter in the UN premise of Srebrenica were handed over by the Dutch peace-keepers to the Serbs for wholesale slaughter. The massacre went on broad day-light with loud sound of firearms from the nearby killing field. The Dutch peace keepers had the capacity to save those innocent lives. But they decided to do anything. Some Muslim country wanted to send some troops to save the Muslims from the Serb butchers, but the US President Bill Clinton prevented that move too. Like President George W Bush and President Obama, he too showed the real American love for the Muslims. The USA came to the Bosnian stage only when the Muslim jihadists from other countries started joining their Muslim brothers in their defensive jihad and stood as a formidable force against the Serb. In the name of peace, the US president Bill Clinton and his Western cronies played another deceitful game against the Muslims. In the name of so-called Dayton Peace Agreement, the Serb killers were hugely rewarded. In Bosnia Herzegovina, the Muslims constitute 44% of the population. But they were given only 30% of the land. The Serbs are only 31% of the population, but were given 49% of the land. This is a sample of the US as well as Western justice for the Muslims.    
In Bosnia, the Serb brutality against the Muslims went on for three and half years, from 1992 to 1995. But the USA and its Western partners couldn’t find a single day for taking any initiative to stop that genocide. The UN Security Council was not mobilised to take any action either. But now a full-fledged global war is being organised by the US and its NATO partners against the revival of Islamic khilafa. Did Islamic State fighters kill 200 thousands people as were killed in Bosnia? Are women and girls being raped there by the Islamists? Beheading of two US journalists and a British were given global publicity. But heading of many jihadists did not receive any publicity or condemnation. The New York Times published a report on 26.08.2014 that a jihadist of US origin was beheaded by Free Syrian Army fighters. This Free Syrian Army is supported by the USA and its ally. The daily Telegraph of London published a news on 10.09.2014 that at least 2 Islamic State fighters were beheaded by Shia militia built by Iranian government. That beheadings were not condemned either.   
Why khilafa is so crucial? 
Embracing and practising some faith and beliefs is Islam. When a state is possessed by Islam, it gives tremendous political and military power to Islamic faith and beliefs. If faith doesn’t possess a state, it fails to emerge as a meaningful power. Neither can contribute positively to enhance peace, nor can mould societies. Such a stateless faith also fails to make any significant impact domestically and internationally. Islam is the faith of about 1300 million people today. Since Islam does not possess any state, hasn’t any impact on politics, law, judiciary, education and culture of the Muslim countries, let alone make any global impact.  All such crucial arenas of societies are taken over by the anti-Islamic beliefs and their followers.  
Ownership of 57 Muslim states is indeed in the hand of secularists, nationalists, atheists and monarchists; and none possessed by Islam and the Islamists. Hence Islam couldn’t get any real benefit from these states. Instead, most of the Muslim states –especially the oil-reach Arab states are de-facto assets for the imperialist warlords. Even the rulers are their assets, too. Therefore, the US, the UK, France and other imperialist countries could count them as servile partners in their fight against Islam and the Islamists. Hence for fighting the war against the revival of khilafa, the imperialist kuffars do not need to bring their own foot-soldiers to the Muslim lands. The rulers of the Muslim countries and their cronies are ready to play the necessary role for them. To understand their subservient role, it is worth noting that while the defenceless people of Gaza were being slaughtered, these rulers didn’t raise any voice of protest against Israel.  
Ownership of a land must not go to any autocrat ruler, people, tribe, clan, party or army; rather to its creator Allah Subhana wa Tawala. His laws should get the supremacy in the land. For the Muslim ummah for all ages to come, this is the legacy of the prophet of Islam (peace be upon him). Every Muslim is the khalifa -the political viceroy of Allah Subhana wa Tawala and His prophet (peace be upon him) to continue with that legacy. Revival of khalifa remains the only route to establish such ownership of Allah Subhana wa Tawala on His lands. And only this way the Muslims can attain freedom from the occupation of the external and internal enemies. 
A man is indeed the political, cultural and ideological expression of his inner faith. Belief in Allah Subhana wa Tawala is not the only element to be a Muslim. It also entails his belief in His sovereignty, His law, His holy book, His all prophets, His angels, and His day of judgement too. Due to such distinctive faith, a Muslim is visibly different in his name and nomenclature, culture and politics, behaviour and attitude from a non-believer. His physical, linguistic or ethnic attributes have little importance in the making of his Muslim identity. It is crucially important to protect such territory of Islamic belief from corruption. For protection of faith, Muslims’ own intent and ability are not enough: rather needs an Islamic state and its supportive institutions. Teachings of many great prophets like Hazrat Musa (AS) and Hazrat Isa (AS) were mostly lost due to absence of such supportive state and state institutions. If the state is possessed by evil forces, the state institutions play coercive role to corrupt the Divine beliefs. Under the occupation of the colonialists, the state institutions of the Muslim countries were used day and night to corrupt the Muslims morally, ideologically and culturally and turn them enemies of Islam.  As a result, these home-grown enemies now join the foreign enemies to fight against Islam’s own institutions like caliphate and sharia. 
The panicking west 
Islam always makes a history of great achievement whenever it possesses a state. Khilafa is the political infrastructure that always gives profound power to the Islamic faith and also the Muslims. The early Muslims were not even half a million; but they could easily defeat and put the final nails on the coffins of two World Powers –the Persian and Roman Empires. It is showing its strength even today. When Islam could possess the people of Afghanistan in the eighties, it could put the final nails on the coffin of Soviet Union –one of two World Powers. The same scenario is repeating again. With the emergence of Islamic caliphate in Iraq and Syria, the whole West is now panicking. The USA can’t dare fight the nascent khilafa alone, rather needs a 40-country coalition. They are also frightened to put their feet in land of Islamic state.  
In order to keep the Muslims powerless, the imperialists want to keep the ownership of the Muslim countries tightly in the hands of their nationalist, secularist, monarchist and autocratic stooges. In Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait they have big-size military bases. These bases are not there to promote the basic human rights or protect any people or support any elected governments, rather to protect their own stooges as well as their own national interest. Through these stooges, the imperialists keep the ownership of these countries and their wealth in their own hands. It is indeed the well managed post-colonial phenomenon of the Western imperialism. Any revolt against these stooges is perceived in the West as the revolt against their own ownership. This is why they were unhappy with the removal of Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Ben Ali of Tunisia. Now they are rejoicing the retake of power in Egypt by their own man –General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi. Mr Sisi is now their partner in the war against Islamists.    
Playing with fire 
The revival of khilafa and implementation of sharia are exclusively the internal issues of the Muslims. It is a matter of their faith. No non-Muslim has any business here. The Westerners may adopt homosexuality, same sex marriage, pornography, free sex and other vices as their way of life. These are their internal affairs. The Muslims never interfered on those issues and never launched any war against them on those Western beliefs and practices. But declaring war against the revival of khilafa, the Western imperialists are now playing with fire. Of course, there are many opponents of khilafa and sharia inside any Muslim countries. But the imperialists have no right to take any side and use such difference to launch war against any Muslim country. Now the West’s war is no more against Afghans or Arabs, it is against Islam. The war front is no more limited to one or two countries, now it is global. Although it is claimed that the war is against the Islamic State’s militant fighters, but actually the killings are not confined to Islamic State fighters either. Now the whole Muslim World has turned into Gaza. And Israel is not alone in the killing; many more new Israels have joined the killing too.
The USA itself is now a big Israel with Israeli values and Israeli venom against Islamists. Hence Hamas is not the only target. Now all Islamists are considered as Hamas –as recently argued by the Israeli Prime Minister Mr Netanyahu. Hence what Israel did against the children, the women and the unarmed civilian of Gaza; the USA is doing the same in Iraq, Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan, Somalia and other parts of the Muslim World. For example, on 10th of September, the US air strike in Afghanistan killed 11 civilians; of them 2 are women and 2 are children. (Source: Al-Jazeera English).  
Despite all these bombing successes, the Western imperialists suffer from deep frustration. They have spent more than trillion dollars to fight the wars against Islamist, but with little success. They dropped thousands of bombs to flatten cities and villages. They killed and maimed millions too. They did war in Afghanistan for 13 years, but couldn’t finish the war. They couldn’t end the war in Iraq either. They could kill Saddam Hussain, but couldn’t finish the Islamists. Saddam’s Iraq has collapsed but Islamic caliphate has emerged. The ongoing war against Islamists still needs trillion of dollars; but with little prospect of success. Where from the money will come? Such frustration makes people more sadistic and aggressive. And a sadist always enjoys the deaths and sorrows of others. It is a moral disease; and a losing war makes such disease hugely epidemic. That is exactly happening in the imperialist camp. Hitler and his people had similar problems, too; hence built gas chambers to burn Jews. For the same reasons, the USA dropped atom bombs and now needs drones, Guantanamo bay and Abu Gharib, rendition, torture cells and water boarding. Hence killing women, children and the unarmed innocents in their beds in nights by unarmed drones, locking up people without trial and doing the water boarding have been the popular sports of the US President and his partners in crimes. 
The ideological weapon  
Islam’s war against the enemies is mostly ideological. The Muslim armies never win any war by superior arms, rather by superior faith and ideology. In terms of ideological ammunitions, Muslims have no match. The Roman and the Persian empires had superior weapons, but didn’t have superior ideas. Hence were easily defeated by the Muslims. The Muslims got the most powerful ideological weapon from none else, but from Allah Subhana wa Tawala. It is the holy Qur’an. It strongly connects people with Allah Subhana wa Tawala. As long as the Muslims used this powerful weapon, no power could defeat them. During the first 13 years of Islam in Makka, the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) didn’t build a single mosque or a madrasa. Rather from day one, he started his war with the most powerful artillery of human history -the holy Qur’an. It was given to him on the very first day of his prophet-hood. In war of ideas, knowledge comes first. In such war, ignorant men or women have no role; rather runs the risk of becoming an enemy of Islam –as happening with ignorant people of the Muslim world. Hence, it is a major sin to remain ignorant of the holy Qur’an. 
But a poor or disabled man with the knowledge of holy Qur’an can make tremendous contributions. Only this way the Muslims win hearts and minds of people. The US deployed the most sophisticated weapons in its war. It also spent trillions of dollars. But that helped only to slaughter millions of men, women and children and destroy hundreds of cities and villages, but didn’t help win the hearts and the minds. Therefore, the US had to swallow a humiliating defeat both in Afghanistan and Iraq. The same happened to the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Ideology brings inner change and works as the most powerful mobilising force. Later on, the Muslim rulers also failed to win the heart and mind of the people when leadership was taken by the Turks, the Moghuls and other tribal leaders. Apart from warfare, they possessed hardly any other skills. In terms of understanding the holy Qur’an and upholding the Qur’anic mission, they were quite different from the early Muslims. Hence their empires expanded, but not Islam. The West suffers from a huge ideological void; hence finds difficulties to recruit foot-soldiers for its war against Islam. They need to spend at least one million US dollar per person to keep people in the war field. But the Islamists all over the world are making distinctive difference. Thousands of young people from Europe, America, Africa and Asia are rushing towards Islamic caliphate to sacrifice their life. The respective governments are facing difficulties to put a check on their migration.  
In Islam, a Muslim government has a Divine responsibility. It must possess the political will and the social policies to equip every believing man and woman with Qur’anic artillery –as was the policy of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his rightly guided khalifas. Under the occupation of the enemies, such a Divine weapon was kept unused or hidden from the public eye. Taking the Muslims away from Qur’anic knowledge was the prime agenda of the imperialists –as was made public by the former British Prime Minister Mr Gladstone in his speech in the British Parliament. Under the state managed madrasa education system, the Muslims were encouraged only to recite this greatest gift of Allah Subhana wa Tawala, not to understand it. As a result of the colonial legacy, the holy Qur’an is the least understood book in the Muslim World. Even today, the imperialists want the execution of the same policy in the Muslim countries. 
The greatest crime of the imperialists 
The establishment of khilafa provided a new opportunity to the Muslims. After a long period of 90 years, the rule of sharia and the prophetic tradition of governance get a new chance to flourish. It is the most significant event in the Muslim world in last 90 years. The western imperialists have already committed a series of crimes against the Muslim ummah by occupying the Muslim countries, plundering their wealth and corrupting their faith. But now they look more desperate to commit the greatest crime against the ummah by snatching the long awaited Islamic khilafa from them.  They do not like that the Muslims should demolish the imposed boundaries of their states. The Europeans dismantled the Berlin wall. They have also dismantled their national boundaries and forged European Union. In recent referendum on Scotland’s independence, the British imperialists lectured on “better together” to the Scottish people.  But the same is not allowed in the Muslim world. The Muslims are not allowed to dismantle the Berlin walls and the artificial boundaries that were built to divide the Muslim ummah. They consider these walls indispensable for the containment of Muslim power inside the post-colonial chicken states. The Islamic khilafa fighters dismantled the border between Syria and Iraq. Such dismantling border is indispensable to attain a larger Muslim state; therefore gateway to become a world power. So it is not acceptable to the enemies of Islam. They don’t want to see Muslims attaining such a dominant status on the world stage. Hence the USA war planes have returned back to bomb the newly found Islamic caliphate. The UK, France, Australia and other NATO countries are also in hurry to start the bombing. 
The hidden strength  
The Muslims never won a war with the military might. They won only by the help of Allah Subhana wa Tawala. Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala reveals in the Qur’an, “Victory is always from Allah; surely Allah is Mighty and Wise.”–(Sura Anfal, verse 10). So, victory is decided only by Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala, and by none else. This is a core belief of a Muslim. Hence, miracles happen in the war fields. Therefore, by the Divine help a small number of ragtag soldiers of the Arabian Desert could easily defeat the huge professional armies of Roman and Persian Empires. The same miracle happened in Afghanistan. Both the Soviet Union and the USA had massive army of highly trained professionals in Afghanistan. They have heavy weapons of mass destruction, too; but both the World Powers couldn’t win the war against the ragtag Mujahideens. The deciding role in the war was played by Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala – the Most Powerful and the Most Wise. He has His unseen army of Angels. He looks at the souls of the believers and counts their intent and sacrifices. If they show their solemn intent to please Him and sacrifice their life and wealth in His Way, Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala also shows His intent to help them. He even turns tiny stones into accurately guided missiles and uses sea water as war weapons. Here lies the strength of the Islamists. The army of arrogant Abraha of Yemen and Pharaoh of Egypt tasted that. When the Muslims turn into Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala’s army, Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala brings His reserve army into the war fields, too. It is a Qur’anic promise that proved true again and again. Who is better than Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala to keep the promise?  
The arithmetic flaw & the folly 
The imperialists can’t think of Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala Divine Army. So, in their equation of powers, the most powerful player stands missing. Therefore, along with the conceptual flaws, this is a gross arithmetic flaw in their calculation. The imperialists’ war against Islamic caliphate has huge faith and ideological dimensions; it is not a war between two armies, rather between two faiths. Neither is it a war only against the Iraqi or Syrian Islamists. Khelafa is a pan-Islamic institution: hence belong to all Muslims. Hence defending khilafa does not lie on the shoulders of the Iraqis and the Syrians alone. When the Osmania khilafa was attacked by the enemies, even the poor Bengal Muslim households set a donation pot for the khalifa. Before cooking, they used to save a fistful of rice from the day’s allocation for the family in that pot every day. It is such a sensitive issue that influences Muslims globally. Although the war in Afghanistan against the Russian occupation was 100% jihad, but none of the Indian Muslims joined that war. No one from South America joined the Afghan jihad either. Reason, the issue of khilafa was not involved in Afghan jihad. Moreover, it was mixed with some ethnic, nationalistic and tribal elements. Hence, it couldn’t touch the Muslims’ emotional fibres so strongly and globally. But with declaration of khilafa, the situation has taken a new turn. Now the people from Russia, China, Europe, India, Australia, North and South America are joining the jihad in Iraq and Syria.  
The unwinnable war 
In Afghanistan and Iraq, the USA and its ally have carried out horrendous atrocities by killing, injuring and torturing millions of men, women and children. They caused huge destruction of physical infrastructure. France has done the same in Algeria. Such crimes have already boiled up the Muslims’ blood to explosion point. The continuation of such crimes and dropping more bombs can explode the Muslims’ sentiment not only in Iraq and Syria, but also in other parts of the world. The USA and its ally are failing to understand the consequence of such crimes. To justify further war, President Obama and his cronies argue that they want to destroy safe haven for the Islamists. But amid such boiling heat of anti-West sentiment, can they themselves enjoy any safe haven in any part of the world -even inside their own countries? They can count only the number of Jihadists, but they can’t count the invisible faith and sentiment of the angry Muslims. The return back of the US bombers to Iraq indeed shows how badly they lack the insight. Mere presence of the US and the NATO forces in Iraq and Syria will be a strong catalyst factor to pull more Islamists to jihad from all over the world. With the restart of US bombing against khilafa, the number of Islamic State soldiers made a three-fold jump: from 10 thousands to 31 thousands. The war is now taking a global shape. It will make the war not only a head-on clash of ideas, rather an unending war between Islam and the West.  The USA and its forty-nation-coalition couldn’t win a war in Afghanistan; another in Iraq. Can they win hundreds’ of such concurrent wars all over the world? 19/09/2014