Hassan Sahib,


Thanks for your comments on my brief remarks.


Of course, I believe that change should be brought by peaceful and democratic means for bringing true Islam into position of political supremacy.

But there are some occasions where Jihad by sword also becomes necessary. During the Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan, America and CIA also supported Mujahedeen for over 10 years until the Mujahedeen won over. No body raised that slogan which you are raising today that Islam is a religion of Peace and sword should be abandoned absolutely on all occasions. This slogan means that we should, Nauzu Billah, permanently eradicate the concept of Jihad from the holy Quran and Hadith.


Like Afghanistan under Soviet Russia, there was no chance for the Sunni and Kurds groups in Iraq and Syria to bring about any change through peaceful and democratic means.


Muslims or Non-Muslims, throughout history people have always revolted against INJUSTICE. Only those countries or areas were saved from the onslaught of Revolts, where Islamic Shariah was in force. American Revolution or French Revolution or Russian Revolutions of 1917 and of 1989 or Iranian Revolution have all been successful Revolts against the INJUSTICE.


Nobody claims that Maliki and Assad governments of Iraq and Syria were doing full Justice to their Kurd and Sunni population. If these victims of Injustice have risen up to revolt, you are calling them 'Terrorists'. If you want to stop such so-called 'terrorism', hollow sermons of 'ISLAM, A RELIGION OF PEACE' will not work. Enforce Islamic Shariah giving equal rights to all citizens in a Muslim State, Peace will automatically reign. Injustice is the breeding ground of 'Terrorism', which you are afraid of.

Moreover, great Imams and Islamic scholars like Imam Abu Hanifah and Imam Ibn-e Taimiya and several others have justified, rather encouraged,  "KHUROOJ" i.e. REVOLT against a Muslim State, if a Muslim government is not run on the principles of Islamic Shariah. Dr. Tahir-ul Qadir gave Fatwa against these great Imams, but now he is justifying his own proposed INQILAB or REVOLUTION on the same ground. In an interview to ARY TV, he read out the clauses of Pakistan Constitution to show that his call of  Inqilab is legal and constitutional, since the present government is not observing the requirements of honesty and integrity required by the constitution.
Therefore, springing up of movements like Al-Qaeda, ISIS, or Taliban cannot be prevented simply by bombing them. I have earlier circulated an article from an Encyclopedias showing the history of several guerrilla movements that none of them could be suppressed by FORCE or MILITARY POWER. Salim Safee, a GEO Anchor and Jung Columnist has written an article that our current Military Operation will result in creating 700,000 Suicide-Bombers. He means to say that the entire population of North Waziristan which has been made homeless during this summer heat and Ramadhan, as a result of the current Operation, may turn into Suicide-Bombers.
Remove Injustice, give full rights to the oppressed sections of the population in Iraq and Syria and enforce Islamic Shariah, all these so-called 'Terrorist' movements in almost all Muslim countries will automatically evaporate without a single gun-shot. That was also the main purpose for which Pakistan was created after a lot of sacrifices.
Muslim empires of Ummayads in Damascus and of Abbasids in Baghdad, of Spain, of Mughals and other Muslim dynasties in India and the last Ottoman empire of Turkish people lasted for several centuries in each territory under their control. These empires governed successfully for centuries in different parts of the world over inhabitants of different and divergent nationalities with different customs, traditions and languages. These were not ideal empires like that of Khulfa-e-Rashedeen. Different dynasties fought against each other for political supremacy, but the entire population or any section of population never revolted against their governments.  What was the reason? They dispensed Justice to all. They enforced Islamic Shariah. Until the last days of Mughal empire in India, the last eminent emperor Aurangzeb Aalamgir gave his own Fatwas, known as Fatawa-e-Aalamgiri, as an Islamic scholar to enforce Islamic Shariah in all territories under his control. Ottoman empire had also enforced Shariah throughout its 500-year history until Mustafa Kamal Ataturk announced the end of Caliphate in 1924.
But under the pressure of America, which has quickly donated $960 Million to kill our own people and to make the entire population of North Waziristan homeless, our government surrendered to it.  We abandoned all efforts for NEGOTIATIONS, which had given us 2 months of peace, and chose to bomb them. General Kiyani had resisted all American pressure for 3 years. His experience of Operation in Swat, Fata and South Waziristan had taught him that we cannot succeed more than 30% in suppressing Terrorism by Military Operations. It will create 10 times more Suicide-Bombers. We have lost East Pakistan due to Injustice to Bengalis. Military Operation resulted in separation of East Pakistan and thousands of our military men, rather the entire Pakistan Army of about 90,000 personnel became prisoner of India. What an unpatriotic and  shameful consequence of Military Operation!
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Hussein sahib,
I am terribly surprised this would come out of your sacred mouth ".........risking their worldly possessions and sacrificing their life in the name of Islam..."
How could you be so oblivious to the fact that ISIS has looted millions of dollars from banks in cities they occupied, and terrorized and massacred hundreds of muslims. Would you call this Islamic.
I am sorry to say, by your words of sympathy for terrorists we have to understand you are trying to encourage these terrorists to use Islam by sword, not peace for which Islam stands for peaceful muslims.
AL-Azhar, a leading authority of Sunni Islam, "believes that all those who are today speaking of an Islamic State are terrorists."    
Hussein sahib, we were led to believe that Islam means peace. But, these terrorists misinterpret Islam and use sword, instead of using pen and diplomacy to solve whatever problems muslim countries might have. Saudi Arabia is oil-rich country and it could be more powerful than
these terrorists, but they use diplomacy with "enemy" of Islam, not sword like these terrorists do, to subordinate their own brothers by force.  
Hasni Essa
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I am thankful to these so-called terrorists who are risking all their worldly possessions and sacrificing their lives in the name of Islam.  
We are enjoying comforts of modern-day life in advanced countries of the world and commenting about them as armed-chair politicians.  
Why have we closed our eyes to world-wide American state terrorism directly and through it proxies like Israel and Egyptian Military, especially in Muslim countries like Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and Pakistan? 
Hussain Khan, M. A. Tokyo 
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It's a good piece . Indeed, anyone with gunpowder can establish his own caliphate. Unless we counter with productive organizations, they will be gaining momentum one terrorist at a time. Unless Muslims stand up things will worsen.
Thank you,
Mike Ghouse
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What ISIS and the 'caliphate' mean for Pakistan

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