A writer has written the following in a DAWN column:  

“No war can be undertaken to achieve the goal of establishing a political system in Islam. War is a game of killing and God does not allow us to take lives except if someone is a killer or guilty of causing mischief on earth (5:32). Even in these cases, only a Muslim ruler has the right to implement the punishments. Jihad can only be undertaken under the authority of the Muslim ruler to eliminate mischief on earth. God cannot at the same time condemn killing of human beings and urge Muslims to establish khilafat by fighting battles.”

Above idea of the writer goes against the opinion of Imam Abu Hanifa as presented by Maulana Maududi.    Refer below to my reproduction of Imam Abu Hanifah opinion in favor of "REVOLT" as explained by Maulana Maududi approvingly in his book, Khilafat wo Mulukiyat, against the Muslim governments which are Oppressers and Fasiqh  and not implementing Islamic Shariah in a Muslim-majority country.    

Imam Abu Hanifah has further opined, as given below, that Jihad against such Muslim rulers who do not implement Islamic Shariah is more important and will be rewarded more by Allahthan Jihad against Kafirs. Killing of innocents is not done by true Taliban. All those are the acts of Hindu (without Khatna) Taliban and CIA Talibanfunded by America. Taliban have proved that they are against all such crimes during their 5-year rule over Afghanistan.   http://www.dawahislamia.com/imam-abu-hanifa-opinion-about-revolt.php

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