Justification of PTI Tickets to Electables
By: Hussain Khan, Tokyo
From: Zubair bin Umar Siddiqui 
Sent: June
To: Hussain Khan and Others

Mr Hussain Khan -now in his late 80s, MashaAllah has  been one of the most committed 'man of Islamic Dawwah' ,an activist of Tahreek Islami--- holding distinguished status in JI of the past , is still among us and has been working for 'ahyayey deen' in Japan for decades.He is himself a Japanese through family links  and was once close relative of janab Khurram Jah Murad (alaiherrahmah).Mr. Khan is  still an strong believer in making Islamic  revolution possible through participating in elections under the system).

Some will feel  somewhat flabbergasted  seeing him supporting the IK phenomenon of Pakistani politics but his arguments in response to my comments on Khurshid Nadeem's column at least will show us  how people of same and similar background  often see things differently.


(I am sharing his arguments with a number of supporters and critics of IK- for their  'enlightenment'.)

From: Hussain Khan
Sent: June 16, 2018 1:31 AM
To: Zubair bin Umar Siddiqui

As I want to devote most of time to the translation of Tafheemul-Quran into Japanese, I afford little time to read all those interesting columns which are daily supplied by brother Khizar Faruqi and others. But usually I read some comments on those columns, as most of them are good, realistic and supported by some knowledgeable facts and have some intellectual vigor and depth.

While criticizing hopelessness of Khurshid Nadeem, a  brother--Prof Zubair bin Umer in Houston ,USA, has himself fallen a prey to the same theme by comparing IK to a temporary phenomenon like Nader Shah. I believe as long as IK is alive, there is no chance of Muslim League (N) or Peoples Party ever coming into power  (InshaALLah. ZBU). IK's hold on public mind and his reputation against corruption is not and cannot be a short-term phenomenon. Sharifs will all be, at least, in jail if some of them like Shahbaz Sharif survive the risk of being hanged.(to keep them in jail will help them relive .zbu)  Sharif and Zardari phenomenon will be completely wiped out of our political spectrum in near future. ( But they ave the power of 'abiat' according to KN). Their Parties may survive without them. But IK phenomenon will prolong and continue with an ever faster pace as long as he is breathing in this world.

A lot of hue and cry is being raised as IK has given tickets to some such corrupt electables, whose past record is questionable. I do not deny it. But I do not agree to present this unpalatable fact as a proof  of Fall of IK. It is nothing more than a storm in a tea cup, in my opinion.

I think bureaucrats and non-ideological electables are extremely changeable commodity. They have no fixed moral rules, norms or principles to follow. Their life mission is to survive under changing circumstances through adaptation. They believe in and are faithfully following Survival of the Fittest concept of the Darwin Theory based on the adaptability of species according to the changing environments. They are always ready to change themselves suddenly to the prevailing situation or atmosphere almost within a day. They are the best adaptable people who immediately adapt themselves to the ground realities. They know their survival depends only on following their current or new Master faithfully like a dog.  If they had to chose some new Master under the pressure of changing ground realities, they will immediately adapt to the likes and dislikes of their new Master.

They know if they have to exist within PTI, they have to remain faithful to the PTI ideology of N0-CORRUPTION. They know why IK kicked out a few ministers from KPK cabinet in the beginning? They know why IK again threw away 20 MPAs recently who had taken money to vote for Senators? Under such an atmosphere, IK has the confidence that those corrupt electables who have received PTI nominations or tickets to fight elections as PTI candidates will have to say good-bye to their past corrupt practices or leave PTI and thus they will have to remain faithful to the Party ideology.

There is no ground to weep on the Fall of IK. It is our shortsightedness that needs to be lamented. Without understanding the ground realities we start believing easily that a man of character can soon lose his uprightness. Just one incident, even if the  interpretation of his opponents is taken as true, for the sake of argument cannot be regarded as a complete reversal of a person's long built character. IK can make a few mistakes, but these mistakes, if they are really mistakes, should not be soon interpreted as a complete 180 degrees reversal of a man's character, which has been built up over the years since one's childhood. Our own mentality is so low that we cannot see a man of integrity without immediately doubting his actions, We never try to see and interpret the things from 'his' point of view. If we see a small taint on a white cloth, we start crying that the whole white cloth has become black. We forget to realize the black color of our eye-glasses through which we are looking at a white cloth.

I want to refer to the story of Ummul Momeneen Hazrat Aaisha (RTA). Allah affirmed her righteousness in the holy Quran and condemned those who were speculating against her pious character. A person's character should not be doubted so easily if any story suddenly starts circulating against it. A person:s reputation of good character is built over the years. Any single story against it should not be so easily taken, believed or interpreted as an ultimate truth to assassinate his long term reputation or character.

Hussain Khan M. A.,Tokyo
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On 6/16/2018 9:04 AM, Zubair bin Umar Siddiqui wrote:

 Interestingly the two columns  supplement and help to  understand the crisscross of  political  gymnastics and the role of popular leaders   in  any  modern  democracy where 'fundamental law' has not taken firm roots.

  • Great political leaders of the world have suffered from human weaknesses and even Aurangzeb Aalamgir--  the most pious of Indian Emperors was not free from being once the victim of 'Cupid's' arrows and in the words of Abul Kalam  had been in his early youth -a man of -'gosht post' who later became a man of 'iron will'.
  • Rauf Klasra - the master of investigative reporting has written perhaps the series of columns  which will attract the largest readership as they realistically present a picture of  our political and media culture and has told us in so many words  how things and events develop in a corrupt 'democracy'. Hamid GUL  is reported to have warned IK  though some reliable sources that R K was a planted person and he should keep away from her trap. But it could not be prevented.
  • Khurshid Nadeem   the brilliant young danishwar' has tried to philosophize  the IK phenomenon and has expressed his disillusionment with the fast drift of Imran Khan from 'moral heights' to politics of expediency. If he had studied the process in the wider background of the world history of the rise and fall of civilizations he would have probably not felt so dejected seeing the "fall" of Imran  Khan.  Some heroes rebuild the nations while there are some like Nadir shah and many other like him , made of different "stuff'  who just come on stage  like a quake and thunderstorm  or unstoppable flood to wash away the  garbage collected over a period of history  till some one else rises after that to rebuild  and erect a  better structure for  another  period of history. Things  move on and keep moving   in cycles.
  • I some time feel that  in  GOD's scheme of things  nothing is 'superfluous' and unnecessary.  One has to see the facts and forces  and characters or actors on the stage  and how they shape the unfolding changes    from interpreting history in 'metaphysical' terms also.
  • The depression, disillusionment and despondency will decrease and   the belief in GOD's  greater WISDOM and 'hikmah' will be stronger. Ibney Arabi has given some interesting hints to understand  this phenomenon of GOD's work  600 hundred years ago but many like Khurshid   dont trust  him and depend on simple logic only.  Our prophets of doom must not lose hope. GOD the Almighty -the Creator and  Protector  the   ALL POWERFUL  will take care of all what the heroes and villains IKs, ZARDARIs and Shareefs and thousands running after them are doing around us.

With all the best wishes for an EIDULFITR tomorrow for all 'danishwars' in Pakistan's  media  for a better tomorrow  and the day after,

Zubair bin Umer.
Houston. June15,2018.