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Click above for further detailed information about JI viewpoint on this subject.

We have not been taught or trained with the logic that only JI is ALL GOOD

and everything else outside JI is ALL EVIL




From: Zubair Bin Umar 

Sent: Monday, June 03, 2013 1:28 PM

Subject: RE: SMHs/seaking excuses are also meaningless. 

Salam all,
 The major local and global  factors---like PTI, Shahbaz Shrif's performance, and 'dhandli'  locally and America's intervention globally etc , mentioned by Khan sahab were  totally unknown perhaps  to JI election managers when they started the election campaign  and decided to throw their energies and  huge financial  resources  in this 'fruitless' exercise which the Ameer-Jamaat' himself is calling an 'unexpected' and bad defeat and even tendered his resignation accepting the responsibility. As long as the major policy decisions will continue to be taken by few surrounding the AMEER  and common man(ARKAN) will not be allowed to discuss and debate  fearlessly and influence the overall policies of JI , such mishaps will continue to take place. It is of no use to put excuses like those mentioned . Facts are facts and cant be altered by seeking apologies and providing a sort of  logic for the loss.If what is said about PTI by Janab H.Khan is correct, those in JI who are politically ambitious and hopeful and optimistic  like him still ,should join IK and try to keep PTI on the promised lines(as they will try to do in KPK now ) instead of bringing sense of shame and defeat to the 'Global Tahreek-e-Islami'.this will be good for both and all. JI will be still powerful to guide all political forces  instead of competing with them in the 'dirty'game' of elections'in our sham democratic  system for which the evidence is enormous.

  Zubair bin Umer.
astvale, Ca.



Salam all,


Thanks for some valuable comments that provide more opportunity to clarify certain other aspects.

Neither JI leaders, nor any human being can be AALEM-UL-GHAIB. This quality belongs to Allah alone. That is why Amir Jamaat called it 'unexpected.'

Secondly, even if one can foresee it a little bit, to stop a Tsunami is beyond human control. Neither JI, nor any other political force in Pakistan can stop it, if there is a Tsunami just before the Elections.


Last time inhuman murder of Benazir, gave birth to a Tsunami that brought the wrath of God upon us in the form of corrupt, disastrous governance of 5-year rule of PPP.

Had JI participated in Elections, would it have stopped that Tsunami? No, never. That is equivalent to just having unrealistic expectations of JI performance.


This time somehow a Tsunami developed in favor of IK in KPK and another in favor of ML (N) in Punjab. Even if, JI leaders would have foreseen it in advance, as demanded by some of us, what it could have done to stop it and why should it have tried to do so, even if they would have discussed these matters openly with all Pakistan Arkaan? Even now, what course of action is suggested by our critic pundits of Jamaat and all Pakistan Arkaan? Should JI have created obstacles and hurdles against Shahbaz Sharif, if his Administration without any blame of corruption was doing some fantastic works to develop Punjab economically? Should JI have declared IK Tsunami an EVIL FORCE worth combatting?


Maulana Maududi has emphasized it in strong words several times that if someone else gets the honor of implementing our Agenda of Islam, Justice and lack of Corruption etc., we would not only welcome it, rather we will be their servants, slaves and assistants to help them carry out this Agenda successfully.  We have not been taught or trained with the logic that only JI is ALL GOOD and everything else outside JI is ALL EVIL.


Victory and Defeat in Elections is a temporary phenomenon. Persons supporting an ideological Islamic movement like JI should not be so much disturbed, distressed, depressed, fall into the abyss of pessimism, and start suggesting to stop the ELECTION PROCESS itself, if sometimes others come forward more strongly to implement our Agenda. We should be happy on the victory of our Agenda by others too and should try to cooperate and to keep them on the right track without any deviation. The label of JI is not necessary for all the GOOD in our country. This attitude will not bring any shame to Tahreek-e-Islami.



Hussain Khan, Tokyo



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Sent: Monday, June 03, 2013 1:28 PM

Subject: RE: SMHs/seaking excuses are also meaningless.

Salam all,
 The major local and global  factors---like PTI, Shahbaz Shrif's performance, and 'dhandli'  locally and America's intervention globally etc , mentioned by Khan sahab were  totally unknown perhaps  to JI election managers when they started the election campaign  and decided to throw their energies and  huge financial  resources  in this 'fruitless' exercise which the Ameer-Jamaat' himself is calling an 'unexpected' and bad defeat and even tendered his resignation accepting the responsibility. As long as the major policy decisions will continue to be taken by few surrounding the AMEER  and common man(ARKAN) will not be allowed to discuss and debate  fearlessly and influence the overall policies of JI , such mishaps will continue to take place. It is of no use to put excuses like those mentioned . Facts are facts and cant be altered by seeking apologies and providing a sort of  logic for the loss.If what is said about PTI by Janab H.Khan is correct, those in JI who are politically ambitious and hopeful and optimistic  like him still ,should join IK and try to keep PTI on the promised lines(as they will try to do in KPK now ) instead of bringing sense of shame and defeat to the 'Global Tahreek-e-Islami'.this will be good for both and all. JI will be still powerful to guide all political forces  instead of competing with them in the 'dirty'game' of elections'in our sham democratic  system for which the evidence is enormous.

  Zubair bin Umer.
astvale, Ca.

From: Salim Mansur Khalid [mailto:saleemkhalid@hotmail.com]
Sent: Monday, June 03, 2013 1:00 PM
To: Mumtaz Ahmad

Subject: Re: Blaming Jamaat-e-Islami is meaningless


Must be pragmatic, logical and brave also.

If we shall say that all ill forces have done the job so we suffered, it means that all negative must help us to march on.

How it is possible that that enemy submit red carpet .

So, our victories are blessing of Allah, Who enriched them with Barkat, and our sufferings are ours, due to material as well as policy or interpersonal dynamics.

This law of Allah, and we must keep it in our journey.

salim mansur khalid 

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From: Editor [mailto:impact.mag.uk@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, June 03, 2013 10:34 PM
Subject: Re: Blaming Jamaat-e-Islami is meaningless

tafannun bartaraf. hussain khan sb ne apni understnding kay mutabiq poor performance ka sabab bayan kardiya, kia hi achcha ho agar baqi hazrat bhi lassi, chai aur cynicisn ko alag rakhtay huay apni sochi samjhi sanjida aur diyanatdarana ray record kar dayn, phir in tamam ara to pool kar kay nafs masalay par ghaur kia jay. over to Mumtaz Sahib

On 03-Jun-2013, at 7:49 AM, "Mumtaz Ahmad" <mumtazahmad5@hotmail.com> wrote:

And, among other important external factors, we my also mention the fact that the tea crop in Kenya was affected by drought, causing a sharp rise in tea prices with the result that many Jamaat voters couldn't afford their morning cup of tea, thus didn't show up for voting.  

Brothers Shamim Siddiqi and Omar Afzal,


Thank you for your comments brothers.
It is good to note that you do not contest the external factors pointed out by me.

As regards brother Omar’s opinion, I have already pointed out in previous mails that Jamaat workers are still not oriented to becoming champions of the problems of their neighbors, as Jamiat had been dominating almost all Pakistan Colleges and Universities since last few decades. I hope they will develop this orientation over a period of time gradually.

Hussain Khan, Tokyo

Sent: Monday, June 03, 2013 12:07 PM
Subject: Re: Blaming Jamaat-e-Islami is meaningless

I sent my incomplete response to your letter by hitting wrong key. Sorry for that. Hence re-sending .  Shamim
In a message dated 6/2/2013 10:10:03 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
TSidd96472@aol.com writes:
Mohtram Omar Bhai,   ASA WR
Your "two cents" opinion is worth million of dollars but brothers like HK Saheb are living in some different utopian land.  He should  know the very basic of politics and he knows it but not using his diplomatic talents otherwise.
The leadership and the Party should and  must know the open outside factors in advance that he has mentioned  as the cause  of JAMAAT failure.The leadership must take all the precautions and safeguards to protect and preserve  its position right from the start.
I have already discussed with him about the inherent shortcomings of JIP and its unprepared strategy to fight IK and Sharif's diplomacy in Punjab and NWFR. Jamaat must have been ready for Goonda Gardi of MQM on the pattern we faced Goonda Gardi of AL and Bhasani group in CTG. EP. Mujib couldn't dare to visit CTG and left this district as a whole for "Shamim Bhayya"  as he used to call me. Br. HK knows it very well and the strategies  that I applied there. I was ready for all the eventualities  that they could apply against us - tit for tat.
Jamaat couldn't use its youth force at all and IK took the advantage just by giving inspiring slogans  and rhetorical  statements  against all possible odds.So Jamaat lost the Elections due to her own deficiencies and un-preparedness against all the possible eventualities.
But  we must not lose courage at all   We shouldn't repeat  the same mistakes again and we must have enough force of trustworthy workers/youth to sacrifice all to get success at poles. This is our Jihad in terms of modern geopolitical situation and we have to face it as the integral  part of our Iman and struggle hard in the way of Allah with all possible means  "Al-Harboo  Khidatun" The condition of the Battle of Khandaq  must  always remind us and keep us prepared for all eventualities.
Shamim Siddiqi
In a message dated 6/2/2013 9:29:12 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  writes:
Dear Br. Husain Khan Sahib,
    My two cents worth of thought on JIP TOTAL FAILURE in 2013 elections
is:       JIP DESERVE this dribbling

Election is a game of numbers. Whoever gets ONE vote more than his opponents
wins the seat.

The Islamic groups like Ikhwan and Turkish Islamists learned this lesson and
after decades won against all hurdles. JIP, on the other hand NEVER learned
any lesson from its dismal performance.

No need for the Ijtema of ARKAAN. What is needed is an open DISCUSSION
(without personal acrimony) why common man (Pakistani Muslims) HAVE BEEN
REJECT JIP since 1952, including 1971 when half of the country was LOST.

Blaming JI is meaningless

 External factors, beyond JI control, were responsible for JI lower performance


Click above for further detailed information about JI viewpoint on this subject.


I am sorry to say that there is no need of such a waste of time as to call an all-Pakistan “Ijtema’ of Arkaan. There are no two opinions within JI on the policy to participate in elections more vocally. Those who were against this policy have already left Jamaat long ago. This course of action had been already decided during the lifetime of Maulana Maududi at Machigoat at the expense of losing some senior respectable, anti-elections, old guard, like Dr. Israr Ahmad, Maulana Amin Ahsen Islahi, Maulana Abdul Ghaffar Hasan and others. Unfortunately. All those respectful personalities have died hopeless regarding the Islamic future of Pakistan and could not achieve any success or reasonable following for their alternate strategy without participating in Elections. Their concept of forming Jamaat character like that of pre-Partition JI, which is nothing other than a higher FORM of Tableeghi Jamaat, cannot by applicable in a Muslim State like Pakistan, which was achieved to establish supremacy of Islam. We cannot be so irresponsible as to leave this Muslim State at the mercy of the Secular dogs, and we confine ourselves to just distributing Islamic literature of Maulana Maududi and other Islamic writers. Repeating the words of Maulana Maududi, as quoted by Munawwar Hasan, we have to enter the arena of Electoral Process, even if we are defeated ten times.

There were several external factors beyond the control of Jamaat. Some of them, I have enumerated in some previous mails.

One factor for our failure is the emergence of PTI with similar Agenda as ours. Imagine a scenario of non-existence of PTI. Suppose, had there been no PTI in KPK, how it would have affected Jamaat results? A lot of present PTI seats would have been Jamaat seats. There would have been again a government of JI and JUI as before, but with JI majority this time. This PTI factor is visible in KPK, but it has affected all over Pakistan. A lot of Jamaat voters have shifted to PTI. Munawwar Hasan, or any other JI leader, cannot become Imran Khan, despite both calling for the supremacy of Islam and Justice.

Second Factor: Shahbaz Sharif or his cabinet has never been blamed for any corruption or scandals like that of PPP performance all over Pakistan during Noon League governance of Punjab during the last 5 years. On the other hand, it has won tremendous popularity and support from Punjab voters for its economic development and infra-structure works all over Punjab. During the past years, Liaquat Balooch and Hafiz Salman Butt of JI used to be elected from some Lahore constituencies. But this time entire Punjab, including Lahore, had very warm enthusiasm for the support of Nawaz group. Even in Japan, almost 99% Punjabis were enthusiastically supporting Nawaz Sharif. Even Imran Khan was beaten to election defeat by Noon League candidate in Lahore, whereas he won all his other seats in Mianwali and in KPK. Whatever maybe the reason or analysis, even a national leader of Imran Khan caliber could not win in Lahore. Will it not be foolish on our part to blame JI that none of its candidates won say, for example, in Lahore, where they had a record of winning some seats earlier. The Tsunami in Punjab, for whatever reason, was not in favor of PTI or JI , but was for Noon League. We are unnecessarily blaming Jamaat and/or its participation in the ELECTION PROCESS.

Third Factor: Sindh was completely under the bureaucratic control of former PPP government officials, including even the Police and the Rangers top officials.  A former Chief Minister of Sindh, Ghaus Ali Shah held a Press conference blaming his opponent Qaem Ali Shah, present and former Chief Minister of PPP government in Sindh roaming with Police, Rangers and Ghondas and forcibly and openly filling ballot boxes with bogus votes. In the entire Sindh province, Army was not called intentionally and Police and Rangers were under pro-PPP officials and were ordered to remain silent spectators and to allow PPP and MQM to carry on their DHANDHLI. Karachi and Hyderabad were also given free hand for the MQM to carry on its Dhandli. Election commission was made helpless by caretaker government Adminstration all over Pakistan by a Pro-Zardari caretaker Prime Minster. Even Supreme Court had to intervene to stop certain actions of this unfair caretaker pro-PPP Administration.

Neglecting such external factors and blaming Jamaat for its failure is meaningless. What all Pakistan ‘Ijtema Arkaan’ will decide? What measures can it take now to eradicate such external factors?

Despite all the drawbacks faced by JI this time, we cannot abandon Election Process. Each election in future will bring about a lot of reforms for its gradual betterment.


Hussain Khan, Tokyo



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Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2013 3:08 PM
Subject: RE: SMHs

 Brother -e-Mohtaram Saleem Mansoor khalid salam wa Niaz ,

The responsibility is not on  Janab Munnawar Hasan  but some or many others among the top leadership, who are ambitious privately and also on those who are  unable to evaluate the ground realities and do not want and  allow JI to see things which are as evident as day light.The names must be known to all in 'shoora' and all ARKAN . The decision for future course of action must be taken in all Pakistan 'ejtemaa' of arkan not necessarily in Machi Goth like meeting but conveniently through postal balloting.The options must be announced and their vote should be asked through secret ballot. This will  also prove that JI believes  in genuine democracy.Ji must also make public the cost and the burden on 'baitulmal' of these elections in terms of money and the main points of the issues discussed and the various opinions expressed. This will show and establish transparency in JI's working and the  nation will certainly appreciate it and the credibility of JI will increase..In- Sha- Allah.



 ہم آئیں گے تو ظلم کے اندھیرے چھٹ جائیں گے‘ سید منور حسن

ہمیں کراچی شہر کو جعلی مینڈیٹ سے نجات دلانا ہے‘سابق سٹی ناظم نعمت اﷲ خان

پاکستان میں دہشتگردی اور بدامنی کے ذمہ دار امریکا اور اس کے حلیف ہیں‘ لیاقت بلوچ

شہر کراچی نے تبدیلی کا فیصلہ کرلیا ہے‘راشد نسیم



 Elections Commission Was Cheated By Unfair Caretaker Administration

Despite Making Sweet Promises, Army Was Not Deployed in Karachi, Sindh and Other Areas.

Establishment Provided Full Opportunnity to Its Favored Candidates to Win by 'DHANDHLI'.

Jamaat-e-Islami Stance on Unexpected Failure in Elections

Due to Failure of Caretaker Administration














These ground realities support my criticism that the following assessment by some brothers is wrong, especially regarding Sindh:

“One question about the reaction of masses  and not rejecting those who have been ruling them ruthlessly for years..”


I think, in practice, these have changed the course of elections in Sindh in favor of Peoples Party.

But Punjab, KPK and Baluchistan were not affected much by such dark scenarios.


Secondly, these ground realities do not teach us to become a Sufi or a higher form of Tableeghi Jamaat or adopt the style of pre-Partition JI.

They emphasize the Maududi Thought that even if we fail ten times, we should continue our Jihad in the political arena through the



Neither the failure, nor the frustration any time in election results, nor the negative ground realities lead us to abandon the ELECTORAL

ROCESS.  I have a little experience of Jamiat winning elections in Pakistan Colleges and Universities and still dominating in the Students World,

of breaking the 20-year grip of Leftists in mere 6 months and capturing the Leadership from the Leftists in East Pakistan Labor Unions. JI has

undergone the experience of controlling Karachi Municipality defeating MQM supremacy, of winning elections in strategic cities like Lahore and

 Karachi, of becoming a coalition partner as a governing Party in KPK, and so on. There is no need to have any defeatist mentality about the

success possibilities of the Electoral Process. Rather I am confident that present and the coming centuries will be an era of domination of

 Islamists all over the Muslim World, including Pakistan, under the shadow of Maududi concept of Political Islam by means of the ELECTORAL




Hussain Khan, Tokyo




I wish it were as imagined by janab Hussain Khan sahab. We wont be there to see the change if it comes in

30 years time but is it wise to forget the ground realities of today and yesterday , as outlined by Orya M. Ja Zubair bin Umer.
 Eastvale, California.

Date: Mon, 27 May 2013 22:48:01 -0700

To: 786@mail.towardsquran.com

More on real face of democracy in Pakistan.

On Mon, May 27, 2013 at 3:34 PM, Hussain Khan, Tokyo <786@mail.towardsquran.com> wrote:







From: Hussain Khan [mailto:786@mail.towardsquran.com]
Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 6:06 AM
Subject: RE: isharaat_ June TQ

Dear brother ........, 

There is no need of generalizing the particular situation of Sindh for every future election and for all parts

 of the country and to become pessimistic about the possibility of CHANGE through ELECTORAL



All over the country elections were not held under the strict military control. 

For Punjab, Baluchistan and KPK, your and Munawwar Hasan assessment is wrong, “One question about the reaction of masses 

 and not rejecting those who have been ruling them ruthlessly for years.. “ 

This phenomenon has occurred only in Sindh for the reasons I have explained in my previous mail. 


Situation will not remain the same during the next elections. It has already changed in MORE THAN 80%

areas of Pakistan.  It is an undeniable fact that the previous ruling parties have been rooted out.  During the

 next elections, Zardari will not remain President to maneuver Bureaucracy, Police and Rangers to serve

his Party Interests faithfully, as he had manipulated it this time successfully.


As Munawwar Hasan has quoted Maulana Maududi that even if we fail ten times in winning elections,

we should not abandon this PROCESS OF CHANGE.  Pre-Partition JI did not adopt this PROCESS OF

CHANGE.  Nor Dr. Israr Ahmad THOUGHT and his deviation from this PROCESS  brought any appreciable

results for his strategy.  In his speeches on YouTube, you can see his pessimism about the Islamic future of

Pakistan. Despite all failures and inherent weaknesses of this PROCESS, no Islamic movement in the world

can bring about any change through any other method.  


This is also the answer to militancy. If Shariah, elections and democracy are allowed in Swat and

Waziristan areas, there will be no more militancy over there. During the brief period of about one month,

when Zardari Administration made an Agreement with the militants, Sufi Mohammad was celebrating

victory of Shariah in Swat in large jubilant processions. His son-in-law, leader of Taliban in that area

stopped all his militancy.  Let us hope for a prosperous Islamic future of Pakistan under the dominating

control of rightist Parties like ML(N), PTI and JI.  These Parties will continue to dominate the political s

cenario in Pakistan not only for next 20 to 30 years, but for the entire future for several centuries.

In Malaysia, same Islam-oriented Party is ruling over about 30 years.


MQM has realized its dwindling popularity prompting Altaf Hussain to radically reform of the Party.

But it is too late. Downward trend for MQM cannot be reversed any more. It will further disintegrate to near

zero level after the death of Altaf Hussain.


When I came to Japan in 60s, there was a strong Opposition Party here in the name of Socialist Party of

Japan. Even it once became a governing Party and had its own Prime Minister, Maruyama.

But today there is not a single member of this Party in any Legislature nor in any Municipality. It has vanished totally.

I am foreseeing same future for People’s Party. They do not have any more dynamic leaders like Bhutto or Benazir.

Zardari and Bilawal cannot stop defections of their Electables and supporters all over Sindh. It is already no more in

Punjab. During the next Elections, you will see it cannot maintain its present strength even in Sindh Assembly. Its

popularity and support have already starting dwindling like that of MQM. Therefore, I totally disagree with your and

with Munawwar Hasan’s assessment, “One question about the reaction of masses  and not rejecting those who have

 been ruling them ruthlessly for years.. “ 



Hussain Khan, Tokyo  


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From: Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 4:58 AM
Subject: RE: isharaat_ June TQ


Thanks Janab Hussain Khan sahib, for your response.
 I agree with you that a consensus is required to face the challenges. I fully endorse what Ansar Abbasi

has said in his column.
But the  question is very important. Is it possible ever that elections all over the country be conducted with

army inside the polling booths ?The establishment also has interests probably!!! They used to ask Judiciary

officials.Now one may see what the DROs and polling staff did. As a matter of the fact the masses and the

machinery of the government are corrupt and need a moral revolution where at least a considerably large 

segment of the society is reformed and made to behave responsibly .In the absence of  such change such

elections wont give satisfactory results in my opinion. Any how we may not feel lost and keep up our hope,

encourage criticism and learn to remain tolerant for difference of opinion. This was in my assessment the

gist of Syed Maudoodi's 'fikr'.

From: 786@mail.towardsquran.com

Subject: RE: isharaat_ June TQ
Date: Tue, 28 May 2013 04:06:02 +0900

Dear brother Zubair, 

Thanks for your appreciation of Munawwar Hasan article. As regards the questions raised by you I have some personal answers.  


According to Hamid Mir’s article in today’s JANG, all over Sindh, Police and Rangers were ordered to remain silent. Zardari administration in

Sindh had planned to win elections through Fraud, Dhandhli and Ghoda-Gardi. This fact has been elaborated by Ghaus Ali Shah, an ex-Sindh C

hief Minister, in his Press Conference. As chief Minister of Sindh, he had once kicked out a JI administration of Karachi Municipality. He used to

win elections always in his constituency, but was defeated this time due to clear support of Police and Rangers and gun-carrying militants of his

opponent candidate.  


MQM defeat with a large margin of several thousand votes against a PTI candidate in a re-polling in Karachi Halqa 250 shows what the results

would have been, had these been held under the supervision of Army all over the country, as demanded by JI. That is my answer to the question

you have raised, “one question about the reaction of masses  and not rejecting those who have been ruling them

ruthlessly for years.. “. If all elections were held in the style of Halqa 250, results would have been more in favor of

PTI and ML or JI in Sindh.

As regards militants, I fully subscribe to the views of the Columnist, Ansar Abbasi in today’s Jang.










To: Subject: RE: isharaat_ June TQ 

   Aziz-e-Garami brotheram Saleem Mansoor Khalid,
 Thank you very much for sharing the 'ISHARAT' by Munnawar Hasan sahab . I really enjoyed reading it

and can say that it is the best and very realistic  comment on the recent  electoral process . I felt more

happy to find references of Syed Maudoodi's writings and speeches in the write up. I also appreciated the

language and the  cool ,logical  very moving candid , style. My congratulations to Ameer-e-Jamaat, brother

Munnawar hasan sahab.I am sharing this with many of my friends.
 However there are many questions which he himself has raised in this piece of his beautiful writing .

These demand and deserve answers .Especially the one question about the reaction of masses  and not

rejecting those who have been ruling them ruthlessly for years..  ie PPP and PML etc., which he has asked

very appropriately and in all sincerity .
 I also could not find any mention  of the factor of militant groups. Is this not relevant?
I hope that at least some answers will be found by the 'shoora'  next week. These must be shared with the

nation along with a balance sheet of loss and gain  both on the ground and in accountancy book keeping,

with reference to the concept of DAA"WAH" elaborated in the article.Transparency is the the need of the

hour and  right to information has become a human right today.
Eastvale, California.
27th May.201


From: Hussain Khan, Tokyo [mailto:786@mail.towardsquran.com]
Sent: Saturday, May 25, 2013 11:17 AM

Subject: RE: Reflections on elections 2013 with reference to the performance of JI. 


Dear brother, 


It is heartening to note that you are in favor of Maudoodi Thought and are not against the Election Process itself. Getting depressed on Election

defeats and to attack Election Process itself is not right, in my view.  

There was a PASBAN unit earlier. Now PTI has become practically PASBAN unit of JI. 


Please recall JI record of winning elections and controlling Karachi Municipality twice under Abdus-Sattar Afghani and under Mr. Nematullah Khan.

Also recall victories of Liaquat Balooch and Hafiz Salman Butt. In Lahore.  

It has been a governing Party in KPK earlier and again this time. 


There is nothing basically wrong with JI for not winning elections as per our high expectations. If it has once achieved success, it is a proof that

there is nothing wrong with its MECHANISM or PROCESS to become pessimistic about it.  

We have to look for other factors for low performance. The cause is not participation, nor in its process. Turn your attention to find out what can

be the other factors? 



Hussain Khan, Tokyo  


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Sent: Friday, May 24, 2013 1:15 PM

Subject: RE: Reflections on elections 2013 with reference to the performance of JI. 

Salam mohtaram Hussain khan sahab,
Many thanks for your illuminating emails. I seriously think about what you write.
I must make it clear  however that I dont follow Dr. Israr sahab's thought process fully although I have learnt

from his writings and 'sermons' and duroos  a lot.I have reservations about the process of Islamic revolution

and establishment of 'khilafah' he has repeatedly out lined in his orations.  I prefer what Syed Maudoodi has

written in his major works mostly written before partition.
 I am not against taking part in elections  even in non Muslim countries but have come to understand that JI

with it's intellectual baggage ( which I value very much) is not fit for the electoral process as it exists.

The rest of your advice and suggestions are in the fitness of things.Entering into this wheel of fire drains

the resources and energies of sincere and innocent workers and they come out with despair and

overloaded with a dejected spirit  despite of resolutions passed by the shoora which is naturally after every

defeat. I remember my long discussions with janab Ashraf Bajwah marhoom, when he was staying with me

in Makkah during HAJJ, more than a quarter century ago.You will remember that he was


From: 786@mail.towardsquran.com

Subject: RE: Reflections on elections 2013 with reference to the performance of JI.
Date: Fri, 24 May 2013 06:28:25 +0900

Salam to all, 


Dear brother, 


You are sympathizer of JI, but unfortunately you are repeating the thought process of the late respected

Dr. Israr Ahmad. He departed from Jamaat due to same arguments you are presenting against the utility of

participating in ELECTIONS. Please read again my previous post on the importance of trying to capture

LEADERSHIP through the efforts to participate in elections. I repeat it again here.  


Also please click above and read some articles about the success of Muslim Brotherhood and An-Nahada

on the benefits of elections’ experience. It shows that despite lot of spending “useless” Jamaat resources,

it should continue the process of Elections and should not become a higher type of Tableeghi Jamaat,

as the late brother Dr. Israr Ahmad was advocating. 

JI also has a record of winning elections in Karachi Municipal elections. From the same Lahore, Liaqat

Balooch, Hafiz Salman Butt & etc. have won elections earlier. 

This time there were several special factors that JI could not win as it would have. Prescription is not to

run away from the Elections itself, but to continue efforts as I have described below to capture Leadership

in the society wherever possible. 



“……….It is not a one-man game to take responsibility for failure in elections. Jamaat will require to change

 the MIZAJ and orientation of its workers, as a whole, to be more political and to serve people around them

 in their day-to-day problems. Many of my even anti-MQM Mohajir friends heartlessly support MQM. 

They say that whenever they have any problem with the bureaucracy in Karachi, they go to MQM office,

which works to resolve their disputes with the bureaucrats. Still Jamaat workers do no move that much for

 the help of others around them. 


I explain below what do I mean by the above brief comment and also want to bring on record some

forgotten events. 

Few years back, when I visited Hyderabad from Japan, a leader of JI in Hyderabad Sind, Mr. Abdul

Waheed Qureshi, informed me that Markazi Shura sent a circular that Jamaat workers should take interest

in keeping their Mohallas clean and to work for the problems people are facing in their neighborhood.

But he lamented that no one is acting on it. They only like to distribute Jamaat literature to their neighbors

and friends. I told these are senior old people inherited by Jamaat from India. They are oriented to work as

they used to work in pre-Partition India. I told them to wait until Jamiat workers infiltrate JI after their

student-lives. They are oriented to take interest in resolving and upholding the issues, causes and

difficulties faced in the  daily lives of their neighbors and friends.. 


We have a record of capturing labor movement leadership in Chittagong Railway Union from the Leftists in

Chittagong within 6 months before my departure to Japan from East Pakistan. We broke their 20-year hold

on labor movement within 6 months. It was also holding the leadership of Federation of all Labor Unions of

East Pakistan. Thus we automatically became leaders of the Federation as well, and thus captured the

entire leadership of all EP Labor Unions. Our simple technique was to take a brave STAND on labor

problems. The Leftists leadership had called for a STRIKE to all Railway workers. Our group opposed it as

these demands were unfair, despite knowing that we will be beaten by Railway workers for opposing their

demands. Our workers were oriented and prepared to get beaten for upholding the TRUTH. Ultimately our

sacrifices for TRUTH prevailed. Leftist call for STRIKE ended in failure. That failure prompted the Railway

workers to beat their Leftist Leaders and treat our group of Islamists as heroes and good and reliable

Leaders. In the next elections of Railway Union, Leftist group was heavily defeated and our group was

elected to leadership positions with thumping majority. It is like JA-AL HAQQA WO ZAHAQAL BATILA. 

In our recent elections, Peoples Party and ANP is routed in Punjab and KPK, but was replaced by Imran K

han and Nawaz Sharif, not by JI. There was a time when Nawaz Sharif could not win as JI did not support

him for the 2nd time, resulting in the victory of Benazir to succeed as PM. But this time Nawaz Sharif did not

need JI support to win, nor Imran Khan, not JI, newly emerged to replace NAP in KPK.. 


It was during my period of Jamiat Nazim-e-Ala that we started to participate in students unions elections in

colleges. By the grace of Allah, we were successful to break the hold of Inter-Collegiate Body of the Leftists.

We also stopped them from spreading their influence all over Pakistan.  


We also continued success thereafter in Punjab University with Osman Ghani, Barakullah and later Javed

Hashmi (now in PTI) etc. as our successful candidates for the post of Punjab University Union President.  

Our brother late Barakullah had become a Professor of Economics after completing his M. A. But, as I had

learned this technique from the student leaders of different Political Parties in East Pakistan, I asked him to

resign his job of teaching Economics and become a whole-time worker of Jamiat and to participate in

Punjab University elections. He later became President of Punjab University Students Union and thus a

very popular student leader in the whole of Punjab and also stopped, at that time a popular leader, Tariq Ali,

from spreading his Leftist influence in Pakistan. He had come from England for this purpose. Like the Leftist

leaders of the Inter-Collegiate Body of Karachi, he also failed due to Jamiat resistance all over Punjab

through the popularity of Barakullah in the area.  


Unlike Bangladesh, Egypt, Turkey and other Muslim countries, it was because of  Maudoodi Thought in the

beginning, and then Jamiat leadership in Colleges that we have extremely small percentage of Secularists

among the educated classes in Pakistan. Some remnants of Leftist ICB of Karachi like Meraj Mohammad

Khan or Fatehyab Ali Khan etc. were later attached with Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and  Peoples Party or MQM and

some are now in English newspapers. But there is no further growth of them, in any noticeable proportion,

as compared to Islamism-oriented youth in Pakistan in comparison to other Muslim countries.  


In all these matters, my experience of success in capturing leadership has taught me that we should take

lead in trying to solve problem of the people around us. This is what MAAM taught us in his booklet giving

an analysis of the Downfall of East Pakistan.  


Again a few years back, when I visited Karachi from Japan, brother Munawwar Hasan invited me for

breakfast. Nematullah Khan and other Karachi JI leaders were also present there. MQM had just broken JI

supremacy in Karachi Municipal elections. In that meeting also I suggested why we could not take a stand

on problems, which have attracted masses to MQM. For example, at that time JI had no clear stand on

Quota System. Neither they supported it nor opposed it. Same was the situation of JI in East Pakistan.

On many Issues, which Awami League took up, JI was silent. MAAM criticized JI that it should have

become CHAMPION of the sufferings of EP masses at the hands of WP political leaders and rulers.   


Imam Khomeini succeeded in capturing Leadership in Iran against communist Tudeh Party. Both were

competing for it on the brewing ground of frustrations against Reza Shah Pahlavi, Shah of Iran, oppression

on its citizens.  


That is the lesson I have learnt from my experience in Jamiat, in EP Labor Movement and even and also

during my stay in Japan as a member of Pakistan community. Here, too, Islamic Circle of Japan is also

oriented like pre-Partition JI. 

I am the only person recognized here as a man from JI in Japan and always chosen as Leader to champion

 any cause affecting Pakistan community in Japan. I feel only One Man is sufficient to capture Leadership

even in elections in Pakistan, if He stands as a Champion of their CAUSES OR ISSUES. 


This is just to brief my views for JI being a slow runner in Pakistan elections now or even in the past

compared to other successful Political Parties, even though their Manpower potential and Leadership

Caliber and Integrity and Character is much less than the Manpower, Character and Leadership in JI.

We have to be more vocal, active and further champion peoples causes in every locality of Pakistan to win

elections in every corner of Pakistan. .  





Hussain Khan, Tokyo  


(Under construction) 

Sent: Friday, May 24, 2013 4:56 AM

Subject: Reflections on elections 2013 with reference to the performance of JI. 

 Salam Masnoon ,
 Mohtaram Khan sahab and Fayyaz bhai,

 I  am at least not one who wants to criticize for nothing though I am not one like you who  are used 'to go

deep' and remain saying 'all is well' always.Such complacency is difficult for me and many friends of

 The figure of 2% ( even less to be exact) is released officially by ECP>In Karachi perhaps it got more

than 4%.(Please check the ECP website).I am not sure  of the percentage .It may be 4% in Lahore and

1.5 % on the whole of the country. I am not myself good in  Maths.
I dont see any use of JI going into elections directly competing with scores of  others in the field and

spending 'too much' to win  always 3 seats in a house of 342 and that also in safe constituencies while

getting 1.7%(?) votes (22000) where the rivals got 11 lakhs and 6 lakhs respectively in Lahore and 

where it has it's headquarters.What is the explanation ?Will 'JI release the information about the amount of

money consumed in this adventure?On country  wide basis.
I have a firm conviction that Ji was never founded, raised and groomed as a purely political party to win

elections in this corrupt and sham democracy based on a system of fraud lies and false propaganda..
 An old friend and very sincere former  worker of JI Muneer Khalili has recently posted an article about the

'thought process of 'Syed Maudoodi' which reminds us once again about  the basic elements ingrained in

the genesis of JI.You might have seen it or I may request him to share it with you.
I have been informed that many JI supporters have voted for PTI which the so called liberals and

secularists  are calling the 'new moderate and political face of JI.
 I hope that the 'shoora'  meeting starting on 30th of this month will go deep and show us the 'hope'

and the Ameer Jamat,will do his best to bring the session to some useful and constructive conclusions

instead of just issuing routine 'resolutions' for the media consumption like a press statement of janab

Liaqat Baloach sahab.
Syed Maudoodi's legacy is still an important and powerful factor in the  social and intellectual life of the

ummah and in  Pakistan and this defeat can not do away with it if the correct analysis and  line of action is

found,outlined and presented by the coming 'shoora' sages. Please note that 'tahreek-eIslami is something

greater and long lasting than the "well organized" JI.Most of those  who criticize belong to that larger group

 though not within.

 Eastvale, California.
May, 22,2013.

PS, As for as the performance and contribution of the professional preachers and paid imams of mosques

in the West is concerned , one may check with those(if interested in going deep) who have had bitter

experience while  working with them. They even go to the extent of calling them a sort of MAFIA>I would

request my friend Dr. M U Kazi in Texas, to help you to find the facts if required who is so disappointed with

them and has turned to educate and work with groups of convert Muslims only.


From: 786@mail.towardsquran.com

Subject: RE: Muslim MPs vote for homosexuality in UK.
Date: Thu, 23 May 2013 23:06:28 +0900

My dear Faiyyaz saheb, 


Thanks for your response in support of my views. It was a great pleasure to be in touch with you after a long gap. 


After the death of Altaf Hussain, MQM will disintegrate very fast. Election of a PTI candidate and the defeat of a veteran MQM candidate, who

was elected from that Halqa 250 was a warning signal for Altaf Hussain. He knows how MQM has won by FRAUD. All this has prompted him

to throw away all past leaders and select a new leadership. 

Zardari is not a dynamic personality like Bhutto and Benazir. He will gradually lose many supporters. ANP won last time due to JI boycott earlier.

It is already a dying force. Disintegration of all Secular forces is a victory of JI ideology. 


From: S F Ahmad

Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2013 10:21 PM
To: 'Hussain Khan'
Subject: RE: Muslim MPs vote for homosexuality in UK.

My Dear Hussain Khan  

I agree with your response.  

Personally I am hopeful for the future. You know the MQM is disintegrating and ANP is no more in picture and PTI –JI coalition in KPK are good

signs. Some of our brothers only criticise and do not go deep into matters and possibilities and allow for some silver linings  too. 

I am quoting herewith an approach which I have shared with some friends: 

Now that you are in government in KPK means that you are in the government as all the provinces of Pakistan  constitute One Pakistan and is

 like a body; one part of it pains the other part is affected; rather the whole body feels the pain. So you have to develop a sense of being in the

government and not out of the government. 

You had some good experience of past participation in the KPK government and have to build upon that. You must realise that every day quite a

few trains and scores of buses run between Karachi and Peshawar  touching North and South Punjab and Sindh and just bypassing Baluchistan.

And Karachi is in a sense part of KPK and any good there is bound to have tremendous  good  effect on  Karachi 

Pray you are well. 



Fom: Hussain Khan [mailto:786@mail.towardsquran.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2013 7:30 PM

Subject: RE: Muslim MPs vote for homosexuality in UK.  

Dear brother, 

I do not agree with your way of thinking. 

There is no need of criticizing Imam and Dawah workers, if there are a few astray Muslims. Let us appreciate whatever they are doing. They

should try more for guiding Muslim not to go astray from Islamic teachings. This is however a tragedy for all those living in DARUL KUFR, 

unless each one of them is engaged in the work of Dawah oneself. 


2% vote for Islamists is a wrong conception. 

Nawaz Sharif and PTI may not be Islamists like JI but they are not secular like People’s Party, ANP and MQM.  

Secular parties in Pakistan are moving towards their gradual languishing and ultimate death in a few decades.  

Future ultimately belongs to Islamists as it happened in EGYPT, Tunisia, Turkey, Iran, Palestine and other Muslim countries.  


Hussain Khan, Tokyo  


(Under construction) 

From: Zubair bin Umar Siddiqui [mailto:zbusiddiqui@hotmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2013 12:40 PM

Subject: FW: Muslim MPs vote for homosexuality in UK. 

  Scores  of organizations,fiery  and  eloquent sermonizers and paid  imams  of mosques in Britain are
working for the cause of Daawah . Is this what they have achieved? There is no harm in rethinking and
reviewing their course of action and policies. They collect  zakat and sadaqa and run  their propaganda
machine through the 'INFAQ"  of 'ignorant' Muslims.This review and rethinking is the need of the hour not
only  in Britain, Europe and North America  but  every where almost ,and particularly in the Muslim world
and countries like Pakistan  where the Islamic political parties could not even muster 2% of the votes and
in Bangladesh.
Zubair Bin Umer.
 Eastvale, California.

Date: Wed, 22 May 2013 16:42:23 -0700
Subject: Muslim MPs vote for homosexual marriage  bill.

According to Dr. Katme

Muslim voting: 5 favored, 3 abstained, only one voted against the Same Sex Marriage bill.

Is this the toll that democracy has taken? 

Forwarded Message:


 "UNFORTUNATELY ,  about 2/3 of the Members of Parliament (MPs)   have voted again for the Bill on

Same sex marriage  (SSM)  on 21 May.

So the Bill  has passed the 3rd reading in the Parliament ! 

This  Bill now will go now  for debate in the House of Lords on Monday 3rd June. 

We Muslims and Christians have still a lot of work to do in the House of Lords in order to defeat this Bill,  




MP's Name 



3rd reading Vote  

Ali, Rushanara 




Chishti, Rehman 




Javid, Sajid 




Khan, Sadiq 




Mahmood, Khalid 




Mahmood, Shabana 




Qureshi, Yasmin 




Sarwar, Anas 




Zahawi, Nadhim 




F = against same-sex marriage
X = in favour of same-sex marriage
A = absent or abstained  "
Spokesman: Islamic Medical Association/UK





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