By: Hussain Khan, Tokyo
In my previous report, I had provided some information about an incomplete Graveyard project pending since last 4 years. Brother Aquil Siddiqui has kindly sent the following information about the graveyard he is successfully managing under his Japan Islamic Trust (Otsuka Mosque Committee). This Japan Islamic Trust is managing a Mosque in downtown Tokyo, another Mosque in the outskirts of Tokyo and a childern school for Islamic education in addition to a Muslim Graveyard.
In my previous report, I had mentioned about the funds $750,000 that were made available by the late King Fahed of Saudi Arabia. A part of these funds, about $100,000 were provided to another Grayeyard which is still under constrution, as reported earlier. Probably the balance of these funds were used for the purchase of the Graveyard at Yawara under the Japan Islamic Trust (Otsuka Mosque committee).
These Funds were made available more than a decade ago and all Muslims in Japan were in search of some Graveyard land that could be purchased. But due to the difficulties to get a land for Muslim-style burial in a country like Japan, where graveyard permission is usually awarded to such landowners who burn dead bodies as per Buddhist or Shinto religious rituals. During this intense search by all Muslims, brothers Aquil Siddiqi and Haroon Qureshi of Japan Islamic Trust (Otsuka Mosque Committee) succeeded in getting a land for about 400 graves with permission for Muslim-style burials.
Please note this "The graves are available to Muslims Free of cost. Muslims have to bear Yen 120,000 ($1,200)/grave for digging, burrial services and maintenance of graveyard. "
Also please note that Japan Muslim Association, managed by Japanese Muslim brothers owns a huge land as graveyard with permission for Muslim-style burials. It was also purchased about 40 years ago totally by Saudi Arabian funds. I had also accompanied to Enzan city with the Saudi ambassador of that time. Mayor of Enzan city had given a lunch party to our group and informed about the permission awarded for burying dead bodies without any compulsion to burn them on this land in the City under his control.
But unfortunately about $10,000 are charged for each grave these days by Japan Muslim Association, which Muslims in Japan cannot afford. These rates for the sale of a grave started from a humble price of about $1,000, but these are being increased time to time and have reached to over $10,000 by now. They plead that this is an old tradition in Japan and every Japanese purchases and reserves his grave during his life time. These funds, they say, they use to develop their mountain-like land, which they had purchased by Saudi funds in the beginning, to make it flat for enabling it for the use of digging graves.
In the light of such a situation, Muslims were looking for a graveyard where free burial could be allowed. Japan Islamic Trust, managed by brothers Aquil siddiqui and Harron Qureshi have been able to find and manage a graveyard where every Muslim can bury dead bodies without any charges to buy a grave like other Japanese. May allah reward them for their sincere efforts. Ameen
It is also worth mentioning here that several Buddhist convert to Islam in their old age in Hong Kong, as they cannot afford charges to buy a grave, if they die as a Buddhist. In case of converting to Islam, they are buried free without any charges.


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Cc: JIT; Haroon Qureshi


Assalam Alaikum,


I am not fully aware of the Graveyard Project of  MGIJ. However, I would like you to know that Japan Islamic Trust has purchased a Graveyard for Muslims  in Yawara, Ibaragi Prefecture. It was purchased from the funds donated by H.R.H late King Fahad of Saudi Arabia. The graves are available to Muslims Free of cost. Muslims have to bear Yen 120,000/grave for digging, burrial services and maintenance of graveyard.  Details are given at Web site of Japan Islamic Trust.




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There have been cases of some Japanese Muslims' dead bodies being burnt by their relatives according to their Buddhist or Shinto family traditions. Efforts of other Muslims to save their Japanese brothers' dead bodies from being burnt failed. Sometimes the reason was non-availability of any grave for a Muslim-style burial.
Due to the custom of burning dead bodies, it is difficult to find a piece of land in Japan where the corpses are allowed to be buried without being burnt. Japanese local Municipal governments and Japanese local residents living in nearby areas around such a proposed graveyard usually do not grant legal permission for this purpose.
The late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia had sent $700,000 to purchase some land for a Muslim graveyard. It remained lying unused for over a decade or two and no such land could be available. All Muslims tried for it in and around Tokyo areas but always legal permission was refused.
During this intense search, a Pakistani Muslim, Mr. Javed Ali Zaidi, was able to find such a graveyard with necessary permissions. Saudi embassy also donated about $100,000 for its purchase and required necessary constructions. Including his own big contribution Mr. Zaidi and his committee members were able to collect and spend about $6,500.000 for this purpose The details of this report and the problem of why this graveyard could not start fuctioning yet will be known from the material given below.

From: Hussain Khan, Tokyo [mailto:786@mail.towardsquran.com]
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Subject: RE: MGIJ Graveyard Report on website.




The Members of MGIJ (Muslim Graveyard Ibaraki, Japan) Committee,


Salam Alaikum,


Thank you very much for sending me the Account Statement without any such request from me for such a report.

It shows your good intentions to clear misunderstandings about the progress of this proposed Muslim Graveyard.


Also please publish contents of your Agreement with the Japanese Graveyard company.

Further please publish the letter under which you have been asked to make another Line of Graves.

First they asked you to make boundary wall to allow burials, then they asked you to dig a Line of Graves to allow burials, and now they are asking you to dig a 2nd line of Graves to allow burials. Please provide some documents of all that they asked you to do this or that to allow starting burials. What is the guarantee that they will not raise further a new Demand or Condition again that they will not allow burials unless you fulfill their new Demands and Conditions every day one after the other?


Are they legally authorized under the Agreement to put one CONDITION after another to allow beginning of burials? Under what Clause of the Agreement are they authorized to make one demand after another to allow burials?

Why a Legal Notice should not be given to them for making new Demands and new Conditions every time and not allowing you to start burials?


Why don’t you employ a Lawyer to get a Court decision that the owner of Graveyard is not authorized to make new demands and put new conditions every day to allow you starting burials?


Also please publish the emails of the committee members so that all concerned members can get in touch with them for further information about this great Project.


Looking forward to your kind reply to above questions to remove misgivings from the minds of all concerned Muslims and Pakistan community members like me and to promote the smooth running of your lofty aim to provide a stable graveyard for the Muslims in Japan.


Copy to all Muslims in Japan and outside for their information and cooperation to make this Project a success.



Hussain Khan, M. A. Tokyo


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Subject: MGIJ Graveyard Report on website.


Please se the Links below of MGIJ Muslims Graveyard
and pass to your friends and community members.


Jazakum Allaho Khairan!

Syed Jawed ali Zaidi